Are we the worst team in the league?

Right now I'd say yes.

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I'd say no worse than Edmonton or Calgary at the moment.

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My only hope was Ottawa because I didn’t see them play.

Right there with Edmonton and Calgary.

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Ottawa is horrendous.


I’m definitely worried. No spark, no fire, poor execution, both lines dominated. Very quiet night from Speedy and Simoni. The way they respond after the bye week will tell the tale. And Montreal looked very good against Edmonton. Yep, definitely worried.

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@Palmer , I'd say Montreal looked good enough against Edmonton, but they were hardly dominant. Edmonton is just really half-ass.
Ottawa barely squeezed it out last week, lousiest offence so far.

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But we have been listening to our own hype and think we only have to show up to win.

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You’ll be the worst offensively until you shore up that offensive line. Your crappy offense is keeping your defense on the field too long. HERE’S YOUR RECIPE FOR SUCCESS (we learned this the hard way too): Take your weakest offensive lineman OUT and replace him with a big hulking import. Start a national somewhere else. Repeat that process until your offensive line gives your backfield a chance to function and your offense will stay on the field longer. Once your defense doesn’t have to run a damn marathon it’ll look better too.

You’re welcome.


Ticats look like a last place team. They are about as physically intimdating as Pee-Wee Herman.

This right here is on point!!!


Still leaves you with Masoli who can’t pass downfield good enough and is hesitant to run anymore even if he does have time. If they want to put wide receivers in offensive lineman roles all the power to them.

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Based on what I have seen, yes.

Not even close

Ottawa was awful in week 1 (fluke win)
I still think BC will be worst in west (despite the AB teams desperate to prove me wrong)

I was correct in saying both Toronto and Montreal looked much stronger but I am still (slightly, the gap has closed) predicting Hamilton finishes 1st in division

Win & Sask I think are both really tough games for Cats on the road and 0-2 is not indicative of the teams future

Might help if we recruited a couple of taller, heavier receivers in the Acklin mold. I mean how many short underweight guys do we need. Especially if our QBs aren’t getting time to take advantage of their speed?

Maybe our best receiver is in the internet broadcasting booth… Lol


Speedy B is not so speedy anymore. Continuous 6 yd passes to him will kill him and he won't get 50 yards downfield from plays like that. He can still get open in special circumstances save him for those. .

Execution. Discipline. Fundamental football.

I want to win the 2021 Grey Cup so bad ( our 16th) I want to come to Hamilton and share in the glory with you all.

I live in Winnipeg.

I have no answers to the people who berate me continualky for what happened in last Grey Cup in restaurants on public transit etc.

I tell them that we just simply didn't show up.

Successful teams here:
High school Churchill Bulldogs
Senior St. Paul Crusaders
University Manitoba Bison

A superstar player isn't the answer every single player playing good fundamental football to their absolute best ability in team unison will win games and championships.

At this moment we are no where near that but we can change that right Caretaker?

We had good fundamentals in 98 and 99.

It's time for every coach manager and player to show up and earn their salary respectfully.

Ticats fans deserve it. So does the club and all former players.


Keep in mind that if Sk defense hadn’t lined up offside we would have managed 1 point not 8.

We got that TD on their lapse of fundamentals not ours.

There is hope in the bye week if they work on fundamentals and not politics.


Lets turn the question around a bit.

Are Winnipeg and Sask the top 2 teams in the league right now?
2 tough road games.

Chillax everyone.

In your opinion when would be the time to stop chillaxing?