Are we the leafs of the cfl

We came close next year… Gough the sth aw× will get there
Gotta great owner he appreciates the fans

We NEED change

Don’t drink and post.


No. If we were the Leafs of the CFL, the media would talk about us as if we were the greatest organization that ever existed even though we haven’t done squat in decades.

We have one of the two.

Absolutely not. At least our Cats have won two Grey Cups in my life time and appeared in several others. Yes the Cats are going to have a 20 year Grey Cup drought, but the Leafs Stanley Cup drought is 50+ years, and the Blue Bombers Grey Cup drought is approaching 30 years.

Also, we don’t block other cities from joining the leauge with make believe “territorial rights”.

Considering there are only 8-9 teams in the league, its not entirely unreasonable conclusion.

But really, what can we do…but hope for a better year next year.

We are trending up…

…as Crash says…at least we were not 0-8!

That signature was a mock at those who were satisfied with the improvement to .500 or mediocre status.

As Kevin Durant would say… You my friend, are the real MVP.

I would have also accepted:

  1. Those that were good with Masoli’s late game INTs earlier in the season.

  2. Those that defend June Jones and his inexcusable game-losing decisions.

  3. Those that believe a home playoff game is somehow a measure of success

But you captured it perfectly.

The Ottawas are the Vegas Golden Knights is a closer comparison …

Both Teams chose well and drafted well …

Ottawa had first choice on US Canadians for what two years before entering league etc …

Makes you think Halifax could also do well as an expansion franchise …

Glad you approved. How about these? Would these have made your cut?

  1. Those that were fed up with Austin and his disciples.
  2. Those that saw no future with Zach.

hmmm … really comes down to settling. I wasn’t happy at 2-5 or whatever we were, because people said “at least we aren’t 0-8”

Even after yesterday “Well at least we made it to the EF”

Its a 9 team league we’ve only been to cup handful of times in 20 years but prices go up .N inconsistent teams