Are we, the fans, part of the "losing culture"?

I've read a lot lately in the paper about how the Tiger-Cats have a losing culture. This actually makes a lot of sense to me, it seems like we are unwilling to do what it takes to win at times. Late in the 4th often we will get down in an otherwise competitive game, and then not get back up again. There is no rhyme or reason for it though, at least to me. You can't blame relatively poor 4th quarter performance on Maas. Why can we keep up, but not step it up when it counts to win the game? Or, when we are against the ropes? I think the "losing culture" idea explains this, once we get down, the attitude amongst the team seems to be, "here we go again, time to lay down", and they do.

And then I was thinking, this seems to be happening to the fans too. So often when at a game now, once we get down in an otherwise competitive game, the fans step out of it. Now I understand that first and foremost it is the player's responsiblity to GIVE the crowd SOMETHING, ANYTHING, to cheer about. And often lately they haven't been doing that. But at the same time, can we really moan about the player's laying down if we are doing the same thing? A few close losses against the best two teams in the league and we all start crying that the season's over (myself included). Thats a loser attitude.

I think we should get behind the team, I think this Friday we the fans should help them expunge the "culture of losing" by getting behind them 100%. We've tried moping around, "woah is us", we need a new QB (and maybe that is true), we need a new coach, we need a new defence, we need a new that, etc.. They've brought in new QBs, multiple times now. They've brought in new skilled players and retained old ones (Corey Holmes). They've brought in new coaches, GMs, everything, the best ones they could possibly find. What more do we want, seriously?

I know that complaining is easier because it involves placing the blame elsewhere, while still allowing the emotional release. But I think we've gone down that road far enough, as fans, with no results. Lets push this team up instead of pulling them down. I'm sick of losing as anyone, trust me, but I'm also sick and tired of being sick and tired every year, so I think its time to change that and get behind the team. I think this Friday, we need to support them like never before, making noise like its Labour Day and the Grey Cup wrapped into one, doing whatever it takes.

Let's be clear about what we're discussing here. A 'losing culture' implies that there is a basic mindset that pervades all sports activities in the city. How can this be true when the city has produced champions in so many fields over the years?

True, there has been a complete collapse of Ticat fortunes in the past few years. ('Complete collapse' is MY view. You don't have to agree.) But, this ignores all the tremendous successes of the past. Things go in cycles, even when we wish it were different.

I know it's harder for the young to look back to those good times, because they weren't there to enjoy all of them.
It reminds me of what seems to be the current popular view of our Armed Forces. So many nowadays quote as gospel that we are a "nation of peacekeepers." WRONG! History and the knowledge of we who were there, tells us that we are a nation of "warriors".

So much for that lesson. "Losing culture" will only be true if we allow it to be. Sure, we're going to complain and bitch about losing streaks. We're going to be unhappy that nobody seems to listen to the solutions we propose, and which we KNOW would solve the problems.
This is far from entertaining a 'losing culture.'

Keep the faith. A 'winning culture' may be just ahead, and is a lot more fun!

How did you get that? I read that the Cats had a losing culture. I don't see a single reference to the city having a losing culture nor even an inference. Either I missed something or you are making giant leaps that are not really too logical

"Culture" is one of those trendy words used now in the workplace. It's a good word though albeit a difficult word to really get a handle on what is mean't by it. I personally don't believe in this "culture" type of thinking. Yes, management in every workplace as a specific culture but they all want success in either profits or worker production etc. And consumers of a product want that product to be consistent and taste good or whatever all the time, or consumers want to receive customer satisfaction from store clerks, managers etc.

This being said, what do we the fans want from our Cats? Winning is too simple of an answer although it would suffice for most of us. But I think what we really want is for the players to show they want to play for the organization and give it their best type of thing. We expect this and a lot of our guys are giving us this, not everyone but lots. Some of the guys are too stressed out I think, they might not be able to handle the pressure of high expectations. These guys will need to be shipped out and this is happening. This organization from the very top on down does have high expectations and we the fans "feel it", this type of pressure. Bob might seem like an easy going smiley guy but I think he is the opposite, which isn't a bad thing at all BTW, but it is something not everyone, the players, can deal with. I think Hamilton is a real pressure cooker, it might take a while to get all the pieces together to handle this atmosphere here. I like it though, it makes me feel the Cats are "important" rather than an atmosphere which, like some southern markets for hockey, are too come see, come saw which it seems a lot of players nowadays like in some respects.

PS. What did I just say? I have no idea. :?

OK Let's be more specific.

The Tiger-Cats do NOT have a losing culture. Their history of past successes proves that. All my arguments still apply. Anybody looking back on historical records would be hard-pressed to claim they see any evidence of a 'losing culture'. Quite the contrary.

"Historical" implies going further back than somebody who has been watching the team for 10 or 15 years. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

I dunno, I find the losing culture argument compelling and find the historical evidence as pretty much irrelevant much the same as the Habs or Leafs culture today is not that of a winner in spite of their storied histories. That sad I don't think fan culture and team culture are really all that intertwined. We as fans will always support the team good and bad while players bail on a regular basis. Tough nut to crack actually. Any argument seems to have valid points

Why would fans continue to support a losing team? Hamilton should be more like Montreal. When the team goes on a losing streak, the fans stay home. Why waste your $$ when the PROS play like a bunch of high schoolers?

When you cut the guys that know what being a Tiger Cat means and who would provide leadership and accountability at the beginning of the season don't be surprised when your team has a "culture" you don't like.

This isn't college ball... its the pros. Greg Marshall learned you can't manage via fear... at least not fear of management. Its gotta come from within the rank and file player.

Some "fans" just might be part of the culture ....


I see evidence that some perceive a losing culture, whether it exists or not. I also see evidence that those who see it, are taking some pride in exploiting this supposed realism.

Like children in the playground, they take pride in fostering rebellion against more sane and stable views.

Alas! Logic will never have the appeal that fanaticism does.

Fans part of losing culture? Pick your poison.

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I completely disagree. The team, players and fan are intertwined. The players are all over this community, food drives, schools, youth sports, environmental causes. Past and present player do so many things in this community.

This team will never have a losing culture as long as posters on this forum continue to support, cajole, criticize, question, suggest, disagree, joke etc.
This forum contains the core of the Tiger Cat fan base so as long as we CARE about this team and its proud history, there will be no losing culture.

I don't know if I would say this forum contains the core of the Ticat's fan base. I only say that because I know a fair amount of Ticats fans that don't come on to these forums because of the overly dramatic, sensationalized, and somewhat uneducated posts that flood the site after a loss, and sometimes occur on a regular basis.

But I do agree that the discussion is healthy and it is always good to hear multiple viewpoints on certain issues.

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This forum contains the core of the Tiger Cat fan base so as long as we CARE about this team and its proud history, there will be no losing culture.
I kinda disagree although there are clearly many people that really care about the team on the forum. Believe it or not but I really think there are as many non-ticket holders as season ticket holders.

Remember that great players get booed a lot by opposition fans. It shows, in a roundabout way, respect. So in a way, this appearance of a "losing culture" and lots of discussion etc. is a sign of respect that we care about the team and organization as said above.