Are we the dumbest spectators in the league?

You know how you're not supposed to clap between movements at a classical music concert? (you're supposed to wait until the end of the entire piece.)

Many classical music snobs hate that sort of ignorant clapping. I read an interview with a famous conductor once about this. He said, "Actually I don't mind at all. It shows that we have new people coming to our concerts, and I think that's great."

People cheering at the wrong time at a football game shows us that the games are attracting new fans. I'd be careful before condemning it too harshly.

I know the difference between Football and a toaster.

A toaster burns bread; In football, those that make a lot of bread get burned often....

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Yeah that is a shame Earl. Perhaps they were freebie tickets used by people who really didn't care about football. If I'm at a game I have a couple beers but I always come across one incident involving a group of (usually young males) people who are too loaded to know a football from a baseball. I don't think you can ever get rid of that. I've had beer spilled on me, been harrassed all game long etc...

One game a few years ago, we had notified the police in our section many times, and they just talked to this group of drunk older men. At one point they were even asked to leave by the police and these guys just flipped them off. I couldn't believe it. The police did nothing but give them the old "next time I'll be for real" speech.