Are we the dumbest spectators in the league?

It wasn't a deciding factor in the game, but what's with doing a loud version of "the wave" when our offense is running? It continued despite the efforts of both Printers and Lumsden to signal the crowd to be quiet.

Then we had people screaming at the top of their lungs as our offense ran the definitive 3rd down gamble at the end.

Aren't Tiger-Cat fans supposed to be smart?

And the fans weren't the only clueless ones. Several times there was "energize the crowd" music or video triggered from the booth while our offense was on the field.

This was weird, totally tells me that apart from a certain limited percentage of us TiCat fans, a lot of the people at TiCat games wouldn’t know the difference between a football and a toaster. It’s times like these I wish I was in a city that really knew football inside and out.

i hate to say it but half the fans last night looked like they were just there to get loaded. they were screaming the hole game no matter who had the ball.

One of the best games I've been to in a long time and during a lot of the game, people were looking over the stands below where I was sitting at someone passed out on the stairs behind the end zone seats who was convulsing or something. The paramedics had the situation under control. I can see to go a take a peek for a second or two but man for 15 minutes like some were standing watching this and not the game? This would never happen in the US at a football game.

and then you have the people that stand in front of you in the middle of the play.

Pretty sure what yo uare talking about is the time when the Cops had to pepper spray the entire area to get the drunks under control... and people kept looking because of the amount of fans coming out of the pile crying for water because they couldnt see....

Can you blame them?

The Wave?

Please it was mildly amusing the first time I saw it in 1984.

Stop it!!!!

That's nuts. Wow! Maybe a couple Oline recruits in the bunch...

Was that pepper spray, or was it just after that failed 3rd and one attempt?

Had to be, people came running out of the pile coughing and covering their eyes.... and it was well before the 3rd and one. about half way through the 4th.

On a day when many people are questioning the coaching I would like to point out the fact that fans were screaming and doing the wave during a couple offensive drives.

I would have thought a knowledgeable fan base would have known better.

But with that said it was fun to see it going around the stadium.

i was sitting in the endzone, and thats where the whole wave thing started. id say while a lot of the people sitting there had their faces painted and were covered in flags, most were just there to get drunk and watch fights.

the guys getting eppersprayed were 3 argos fans sitting in the endzone. 2 guys and one girl who waved their argo flag and screamed at people until their was almost a fight, the cops showed up and dragged them out were they proceeded to scream at people through the fence. eventually the cops came back, and i think the fat one tried to punch a cop, out comes the pepper spray and the guy and girl are cuffed. all in all id say about 3 skirmishes in the endzone.

That's what you get with the late start on Labour Day. Hours of pre game drinking takes it's toll. People in my area who are normally well behaved, were complete morons.

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Although I agree to shut up when our offense has the ball.

There's been so little to cheer for in the last 7 or 8 years how can you blame people who get excited on Labor Day at the thought of a possible rare sight...A WIN.

Ok, didn't realize about the pepper spray. Yeah, that will make people look for sure for a while have to admit if they had to go to those lengths.

And people here thought Charlie was a bonehead??? :roll:

Anyway...I think Hamilton is still one of the few remaining fan bases that still do the wave.

1981 called. They want their cheer back.

Actually in the U.S.(Buffalo) it does aswell..
you can yell 'fight'and Point..and half the section will stand up looking for where the fight is..its not only here

True enough catfan. Last Bills game I went to years ago, I would say if you lit a match in the air above your head, you'd get a huge explosion from the alcohol fumes, and mine would have been a part of it. More people there to just be in a party then actually watch the game intently.