Are We That Bad? FYB makes nasty observation on Main board

[i]Football You Bet [/i] all they had to do was score one more td on aug 13th. whoduthunk it.
I haven't seen this noted on this board but it's a scary thought in more ways than one. One TD difference and the Arg#@s are in the EDSF. Wow.


Double (Blue) wow.

Actually yes, because that's a 4 point game in the standings. If the Argos scored one more TD in that game they would have won and both teams would have finished the season with 7 wins. The Argos would win the season series and we would be out of the playoffs. Once you dissect it like that it shows that we just barely squeaked into the playoffs.

If if's and buts were candy and nuts........ if the cats would had lost the Aug 13th game perhaps they field a different line-up this past Thursday, not play "vanilla" and play it more like the game had meaning and not like it was a regular season pre-season game.

:thup: Exactly.

Sask. almost beat Edmonton last night and Sask. was missing a lot of starters. Edmonton was playing to win. So losing to Sask. last week puts it in perspective!!

I would not want to play Hamilton in the Playoffs with one game anything can happen, the way Hamilton has played this year, because they can beat anyone on any given Sunday !! :rockin:

And same logic applies to the Saskatchewan game. That was a meaningless game that was used in part to evaluate the 2nd string QB.

I'm sure a meaningful game would have resulted in a much different outcome in Saskatchewan.

BTW, if Montreal loses in B.C. tonight, we were one field goal away from being ahead of Montreal in the standings. ( Sun Oct 16th, Hamilton 25, Montreal 27) Are we that good?

Is there really any point in playing these hypothetical games?

Yeah, and if Hamilton beat Winnipeg in that game where Williams fumbled on the goal line and beat Montreal in that game a few weeks ago where they got screwed by the refs, the Ticats would likely be competing for hosting the Eastern Final.

Oh, come on Cap. Perhaps you are just one of those people who doesn’t like fiction. Of course, one of my favorite genres to read is alternate history so this comes naturally to me. Imagining alternate scenarios is one of the things that I do best. That may be a reason that I specialize in problem solving and negotiating in the vocational world. However, in some other areas I’m a complete dunce.

I was actually just priming the pump to see if anyone would come back with the statistical argument that - even with our last two stinkers of games - we were still +3 on points for/against while the Argos were -101. The correct answer is, of course, “No, we’re NOT that bad.” However, it also shows an interesting alternate outcome.

Ah... now that response presents, at least to me, an entirely different tone to the subject.

Now I get it! And who doesn't like alternate realities?

:lol: How long have you been waiting to use that picture? Too funny.

Evil Spock: "Tell me: did they build it at West Harbour in your universe too?"

:D :D :D ;)

Oski Wee Roll On The Floor,

Pointy Ears

No... a combined stadium in Oakville for both the Argos and the Cats! (cue evil laughter)


And there you go! Montreal crushed by 39 points in a game that meant first place for them. Another important loss for the Als.

And this is the real universe.

FYB is a blowhard. .and a shit disturber!

However. .the Cats needs to be completely blown up from top to bottom for losing 2 meaningless games.. ohhh the irony!

And how many times over the years have I come to this forum and read after a Tiger Cat loss such things as, well, if this player had caught the pass, or made the important block, or the game saving tackle, then…

We play these kinds of hypotheticals all the time. It’s therapeutic and fun. However, as beneficial as this practice may be for us, fact is, they never change the result. Think of the Winnipeg game when Williams fumbled on the goal line or the last Montreal game when we had questionable calls against us near the end of the game. Those two wins could have made a difference in where the Cats will play later this week. However, if wishes were real, we would have had many more Grey Cup parades by now.

Interesting as all this is. It has no effect on the actual results, the standings and who comes home with the hardware.

Now, back to reality.

Really people, one TD and Toronto's in. Well, less than 3 TD's and we are sitting in 1st place in the East, roll that and smoke it!!