Are we still a run and shoot team?

I am confused with the press conference comments from Condell when he was hired as OC but has anyone heard if the Ticats are still using the run and shoot or is it an entirely different scheme under Condell?

Great question. With the new personal on and off the field it seems we could be moving away from that.

From what I understand (from comments by another poster when he supposedly talked to coach Condell) is that it will be Condell’s offence. He ran a spread offence last time he was here, which has elements of the run and shoot.

Your comments about a hybrid system is logical. My hope is that we don’t totally abandon the running game like when Connell was here with Austin. If we do, I believe we’re doomed to failure.

I believe that Condell is going with his offence only and no Hybrid.

Watch the June Jones exit presser he said Condell was going to take Jones’ offence and put his own spin on it and said they sat down a few times to hash that out

That sounds right, considering these observations:

Quoting sources, and their comments, on the offence, from May 25th coach and player interviews, available on the main page here:

Masoli describes the offence as “smart.”

Mike Jones, refers to this “new offence” as being “a little different from last year” and describes it as “smart and fast.”

Shamawd Chambers calls it “explosive.”

Well, maybe Condell is the Next Great Offensive Mind in the CFL. He apprenticed under Austin and later Trestman, no doubt picking up a lot from both of them, as well as a bit from June Jones in recent off-season discussions.

No reason to believe he can’t combine all that knowledge, mixed with his own ideas, into a unique offensive scheme.

I got out of the presser that Condell learned from June Jones and didn’t want to change a lot because the run and shoot was successful. However it seems that Condell is favoring bigger taller receivers instead of the really fast smaller ones which is what the run and shoot is predicated on. I just hope they keep the run and shoot for the most part as it really changed the culture and made the Ticats a much better team than before.

True but the Run & Shoot was far from infallible. Sask, Ottawa and Calgary were able to shut it down.

Just weighing in from the outside. When Collaro was having his MOP like season in Hamilton before the injury Tommy Condell was his OC. And it was his offense not Austins.
When he quit the Cats Collaros was quite open calling Condell the best offensive coach he has had anywhere.
I suspect he will be fine. Lets keep in mind every offensive system will only work if:
-O-line is good
-is reasonably balanced between run and pass
-has both tempo and regular speed
-every pass play has an out option if needed
-has a smart QB

You r comparing apples & oranges.

You cannot state, that a Condell Offense is the same offense for Collaros, as it is for Masoli.
Collaros was a drop-back passer, with little running capability. If the offensive-line breaks down, & Collaros is running for his life - you are only a step away from a really good hit.
The Collaros concussions can attest to that.

With Masoli, it is different, because he always has the run as an option, whether by design or not.
The offense is catered to the QB; not the other way around…

The Eagle …

I think an option QB can also incorporate a drop-back offence, if needed. A drop-back QB struggles if asked to run an option style offence. For me, that was the reason Collaros was essentially benched and eventually released under the Jones offence, and why Masoli thrived.

I suppose now we will see if Condell sets up schemes to suit Masoli’s option type skills, or asks Masoli to now adapt to Condell’s previous spread type offence.

I never said a “Condell” offense is suitable only for Collaros. I’m saying Condell knows how to develop a good offense. And that begins with the QB and other talent there. And I am saying that imo the offense will be very good. As will be Masoli.

I don’t agree with this. Collaros was a very mobile QB; at least, before the ACL tear.

I agree.

Also, can someone please refresh my memory: have we ever had a discussion on this forum about the relative merits of Collaros vs Masoli? That could be an interesting topic.

I don’t think it would that interesting unless we also included Manziel in the discussion. ;D

Could be, if it’s Collaros in 2015 vs. Masoli in 2018.

The Collaros / KA fans will never go away.

They have the best (least accurate) memories of that time…and will never let it fade.

I hear there are still Joe Zuger fans afoot, and he played 50 years ago. Just be patient.