Are we running the possibility of going 0 - 8?

Wow, Looking at the stadings and then looking at the schedule, I've got to raise the question......Could we go 0 - 8 ? ( :o )

What's your thoughts and why?

We will not go 0-8 with...

  1. Lancaster in charge
  2. The current players (cause he'll start removing them).

One thing is for certain: the deck is bound to be shuffled in short order if we lose on Friday. That includes our special teams kicking and punting if the required consistency remains questionable.

Oski Wee Wee,

We also have the opportunity to go 4-4. Time to Eat Em Raw!

If we can be .500 at Labour Day then we are still in the thick of things.
These next 4 or 5 games will determine the success of the season

There's the possiblity of going 0&18 and the possiblity of 14&4, along with any other combination.

I think we will be 7-5 after Labour Day.

We will beat Calgary, lose in Montreal and then rip off 6 straight wins.

We will finish the season 10-8.

Re crash wrote-We will not go 0-8 with...

  1. Lancaster in charge ------------ we went 1&17 with lancaster incharge- maybe 1&8? Ps is Greg Marshall the next TiCats head coach??? :cowboy:


NOT Coach Lancaster's fault.

Lancaster is the man! :rockin: