Are We ready??????

As a long time ticat fan as many of us have been and as well the wagon jumpers too i cant say how excited i am for tommorrow. I think this has ben the longest week of my life! For me tommorrows gonna be different from some other games in past no pregame piss up no b4 bbq And im going down EARLY i wanna take in all the hype and cheer like never b4.
however i will say not that im being negative but should we lose tommorrow im ok with that i never predicted an exciting season as this one has been. BUT i feel we will win and then a victory beer or 10 and bbq
I believe we are great fans and if we dont sell out thats dissapointing in my eyes but whatever ill be there cheering

can't agree more, longest week in a long time for me

and after the game I think theres only one way bc should describe the hamilton crowd and thats hostile

On the Lions forum they refer to the Ti Cat fans as very quiet compared to some western teams lets prove them wrong

There not far off but for reason and fact ..
quiet because ? Go look at banned items Noise makers so on so on .....They can bring a abthtub and 25 steel spoons in the west ....Hell i even seen a guy with a Tenor Sax in the 3rd row ...

We could be real loud and frustrating to opposition :thup: but the banned items list needs to be polished up and refined !!!

I agree whole heartedly, the banned items list is crap.I do however think that if a person get's carried away with it that event saff should hold the right to confiscate it.Noise maker's need to be allowed, we need that extra bit of noise.Pull some string's if you're reading this Bob Young!

That list is horrible, it doesn't make scene... why are people who cant scream not aloud to bring in noise makers? I say bring them anyways, if they try and take them away tell them there crazy.

Off the record, everybody brings em anyways and if event staff try to take em all the fans in the area stand up for that person and they let em keep it.Worked with a guy in the endzone who was holding a sign that read "Argo's suck, Alouette's swallow."Nothing's stopping the rabbid Cat fans tommorrow, GO CATS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's our Turf in Hamilton at Ivor Wynne Stadium for tomorrow's game against the BC Lions and the Lions or any team does not come in here and beat our Ti-Cats on our Turf, in our stadium in HAMMERTOWN!!

Otis "The Hit Man" Floyd and the "STEEL HAMMER DEFENSE" will bring the Hammer down on BC tomorrow and Kevin Glenn and our "Cat Attack Offense" will STEEL a big victory away!! Don't take anything for granted, play tough, never die football b ut pound the ball down BC's throat and let's EAT THE BC LIONS RAW, TIGER-CATS!!!!!

Victory is ours tomorrow So Let's Get on our Horses and Take it, Eat Em Raw Boys!!!!!!!!

I am ready.

Looking forward to Tailgating in Lot J before the game, scarfing down some greasy food and then yelling my brains out at the game.


Two words of inspiration to both the fans and the team......

Give 'Er !!

..nuf said :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh i will be bringing my Horn and Oh i will be respectfully LOUD ...... :thup:

I can't wait....

finally ITS GAME good morning ticat fans OSKI WEE WEE OSI WAA HOLY MACKINAW TIGERS EATEM RAW :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: