Are we not watching Toronto and Ottawa?

Bit of an interesting game, thus far. Neither one is showing me much (which is what I like) thus far, in spite os TSN rooting for RR like a teenager.

I am :twisted:

I am too, where is everybody? Where is Russ? I'm worried now, second week with no game day threads.

Having a real dilemma, don't want either of these teams to win :expressionless:

Re the last Argo challenge and defensive pass interference. The Redblacks db was all over the Argo receiver. Don't know how that's not PI.

I continue to question the competency and impartiality of the replay booth officials. Even after seemingly obvious replays, they continue to make highly questionable calls. See the first PI in the last TiCats game (against Sears?).

Watching on the computer (while watching TV). Makes posting here a tad tricky.

Kind of a meh game so far.

I’m with you on that. How to pick a winner when I don’t want either team to win! :? Ended up picking the blue team but I think it’ll be a close one again.

And yes I’ve been watching but when I didn’t see a game thread, I headed over to the main CFL site where there was a thread going.

I am watching it. My question is where the heck are all the fans? Not at BMO Field. It must be 60% empty at least!
Argos won their last two, they are playing a good team in the Redblacks and yet a terrible turn out. Must be the heat. Gotta be disappointing for the ownership and the league. For the sake of the CFL I was hoping for much better attendance. :?

So it's Ellingson lighting it up tonight after I swapped him out for Williams on my TSN fantasy team :frowning: :?

OTTRBs with their first lead of the game too.

Agreed Smogmonster; either they have a lot of empty seats, or are having a monster night on the beer patios!

Its hot, humid and sticky (not really football weather), so I'd think it empty seats (especially when TSN is keeping quiet about it).

Always been disappointed that we let Ellingson go... I liked his work ethic here. Once he was over his injuries he was very consistent.

Yup not sure who the team kept instead aside from Tasker of course and I suppose Sinkfield who has now departed for the NFL. Ellingson was a good one that got away but then they can’t keep everyone.

Blue guys regain the lead.

OUCH !! did the blue STs ever get burned on that return and the OTTRBs are back in the lead after tying it up earlier. Blue D is starting to get sloppy and miss tackles or have they just been on the field too much are are tiring?

RB's take it....always good to see the Blue Team lose.

Blue team still winless at their new digs and the road teams continue to dominate in the win column. This could bode well for the Ticats as they travel to La Belle Province to play in a couple of days.

12,373 listed as the attendance.

We were at the game and had tickets on the East side upper deck, it was good for us that the upper deck was almost empty we moved over to the 55 yard line, obviously not good for the Argo owners.
We went to the Shipyard before the game which was located close to the CNE bandstand this time, got the $4 beer. A pretty big crowd in there, that’s why were were shocked when we walked into the stadium at around 7:20, it was empty.
I would have estimated 9 or 10k, yes pathetic. There was a crowded section behind the Ottawa bench all full of RB fans, good to see they brought quite a few fans with them.

I don’t think the move to BMO involved many new season ticket holders or new fans, it seems like they took the same die hards from the RC and just moved them to BMO Field. There was a lot of hope after the 24k at the home opener, but they can’t count on Ticat fans showing up to fill a stadium. Even if the home opener against the Ticats had been at the RC they would have drawn about the same numbers.
I really thought they would have had a much bigger crowd considering the Argos just came off two wins on the road and they are playing the best team in the CFL and first place on the line on a beautiful summer evening.

Any idea why the Wednesday game? Tfc played last night....

The more you think about that home opener, it was only 95% full, and this was suppose to be the new age and homecoming for the Argos, they had hyped it up and also had a whole slew of black and gold coming in from down the highway…and they still couldn’t sell out? Me and a lot of other people blew off the fact that sure 5% of the stands were empty, but in hindsight with game two being such a disaster, it is making me scratch my head a bit looking at the first game. Just not many excuses you can have for not selling out your first game at a new venue, especially when you have a ton of help from your rivals filling the stands.

24k was about the norm for an Argos/Cats game at the RC, and 12,000k announced attendance is way below what they usually got at the RC, and it had to be under 10k at the game. My heart actually sunk when I turned this game on and saw the stands, just was shocking and I am now not so confident this whole BMO thing is going to work, at least not nearly as quickly as most thought.

The Indy race is this weekend so BMO is pretty much rendered useless during the race from my understanding.

What I am more scared about is that their next home game is a Monday night against the Als, I’d say they will be lucky to get 15k and happy to see 17k.

Actually just looked at their schedule and they one more Wednesday home game this season in late August, and then another Monday one as well later in October after they play Montreal on the 25th.

That is 4 games out of 9 on obscure nights for CFL football, especially the late one in October where they will be going head to head with MNF who features Carolina v.s Tampa which depending on how Bucs do this year could be a huge game.