Are we not polite enough?

Something I realized while just looking through the french CFL talk is that they start almost every post and topic with "hello" or "goodbye" in french. (I know cause im taking it in school) Why's that and should we be doing it?

And no disrespect to the Frenchies. Some of my friends are or know french.

I think it's just a matter of how often you post somewhere. You say hello the first time you go somewhere and goodbye in places you don't intend on going to often.

Could you imagine how many "hellos" there would be in here if we'd say it every time?

But then again, maybe everything would stay more respectful would we greet ourselves.

"Hello. You suck." just doesn't seem to fit.

Hello, Turd (double entendre you see :lol: )

I agree with your post.


If I had a dollar everytime I heard that one, there would already be a team in Halifax.

turd is just your nickname Third..just like my nickname on other sites is "numbers" it just easier to type

God, aren't we awfully lazy!

ya..ur point?

Then charge people. We could eventually work our way up to a 30 team CFL.

I never say hello and goodbye, don't think it will change because of a few Frenchmen...