Are We Just Going To Sit Back And Let the CFL Die?

We've already lost our most popular game, hockey, to the Americans. Now the CFL might be next?

Amazing how the media in Taranna is so in love with anything American, and so negative about anything CAnadian. Its really quite sad how they denigrate the rest of CAnada to prove how American they are.

I would love to be able to enjoy the upcoming CFL games this weekend, but the only press the cFL gets is that its days are numbered?

Again I don;t understand how an NFL team in Toronto will kill a whole league in Canada. But if it did, football in CAnada will be dead.

And Hogtowners are so naive to believe the rest of CAnada will cheer for theri NFL team, after losing their CFL teams? I want what those people are smoking.

But we have to fight back. NOt cower and bow to the NFL. Because I still beleive after the novelty wears off, the NFL will be another who cares American sport in Canada. And the CFL will become even stonger.

Personally, I can enjoy the upcoming games despite press that many find undesirable. The sky is not falling.

I just think its very sad we can't talk football in this country without the constant negatives from the media. LIke, when is enough enough?

OKay chicekn Little should you not be talking about your argos going for first place. Besides it iwll take them a long time to count out a billion dollars worth of pennies. In the mean time you who state your a cfl fan then prove it start chatting about your team. :roll:

I think it's sad that we can't talk about the CFL without all the "doom and gloom" from the NFL being so invasive.

Berezin, who really cares what the Toronto media thinks anyway? Let them be phonies, its the fans that are keeping this league going, not the media. As long as there are forum for the CFL and people keep going to the games, who cares what some "major league" wannabes think.

Or for the fact the center of the Universe sorry Mongo does not recognize the Argos in the media. But seriously I do not think I have seen one post by you other then complaining about the TO media or the the NFL. Sad but true. Right now your Argos are on the verge of taking 1st from Winnipeg, possibly hosting not only a GC but the eastern final. Who knows they may break the GC curse of hosts being in the game. But you go on this crap about the NFL coming TO. Did you know this is a gimic to take all of the glitter away from the Argos hosting the GC. The NFL is saying Show me the Money! And they have only pocket change. Godfrey is a pin head you should know that. If you do not like it do not support the Blue Jays, Take your rogers phone and smash in front of the media. Creat attention to your team but not to other CFL Fans.

Go Argos Go

Well Red and White
This is the general CFL forum, for GENERAL CFL topics.
And these are topics that affect the league.

I am a fan of the league. And when I read things that disparage the league, I bring it up. Unfortuanately it comes from one source. The Toronto media.

And as long as they keep bringing it up, I’ll keep bringing it up.

We noticed. And he's redwhite2005, not RedandWhite...

We need Michael Moore to make a movie about this amd uncover the conspiracy.

Id like to talk about how good the Province newspaper covers the CFL. Wednesday, lots and lots of coverage, mostely Lions, but 4-5 pages from around the league.

Berrezin, for what its worth, the radio guys were poking all sorts of fun at the Toronto media tonight over the NFL Crap. I wouldn't get an ulcer over it.

I wouldn't worry. It's not in the NFL's best interest to have a team in Canada. Until LA gets a team, it's virtually impossible to comprehend having a team in Toronto.

If Toronto thinks that cities like Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Saskatoon and so on.. will cheeer for a toronto NFL then they are really naive! totally stupid and very full of crap!!

I agree the province is excellent for CFL coverage and a great paper overall as well.

All this NFL nonsense is getting old quick around here. There's not going to be any team in Toronto any time in the near future ( under 10 years ) if at all, so why the huge fuss about it from the media?

Figures the only way CFL gets press in TO is for all the wrong reasons.

I agree but surprisingly, there's alot of CFL fans in Toronto. They're not all snobs (in fact like any other city, only a fraction are) Alot of them are advocating keeping the CFL and it's history instead of throwing it down the drain.

Like the original poster said, this is the only league that hasn't been basterdized by the americans. Our national past time has became a joke. The NHL is a joke. 48% attendance in Chicago? What the hell is ice hockey doing in Florida? To me it seems like an oxymoron. Why do they have teams in small hillbilly town like Nashville or in dontgivadamn (Carolina)? I mind boggled. NHL stands for NO HIT LEAGUE. They treat us (Canadians)like dogshit. They'd screw 1000 of us for 1 american fan. The league has no tv deal, the schedule is a joke (wtf 19 to 11 and still can't change the schedule?)What league has games worth different amounts? Who the heck allows for both teams to win? Why can't we have a winner and a loser? It's a joke. I don't want my football to be basterdized like they did to my beloved hockey.

I think I speak for most Canadian fans...

Who cares about what the Toronto media thinks? Until Los Angeles gets a team, there isnt a hope in hell of Toronto getting one. NFL commisioner Roger Goodell has had some stupid ideas lately. For example, he thinks they should have a SuperBowl in Europe. Or he thinks he should cut the NFL draft into three parts instead of the current two. I mean, those are just brainless thoughts because thats just not in the best interest of the NFL and the fans arent gonna like it. Or even with this possibility of having a game here in Canada next year. The NFL has had games in China, and they have that game planned for London as well. No need to worry, I dont think. However, this is one of the reasons I dont want CFL expansion right now as nobody really knows what will happen if a team DOES come to Toronto. The league may have a bit of trouble and the league needs to be strong.

Yes but have you ever posted anything else but this type of news. I have no problem with it but it seems you post at least one of these ever couple of weeks. Are you lonely! Just maybe you work for Rogers and like to stir up trouble do not know. But a true CFL fan would be talking about whats happening in games and the future playoffs do you not think. I can see your posts in the off season no problem.

Like does any one cheer for the Blue Gays or the MapleLaughs! I mena when I was growing up (last week) I had Boston Bruins jerseys.

I quit watching Ice capades (NHL) three years ago. Junior Hockey is my fix go Hitman!