Are We Happy Yet?

Tonight at the home opener, the folks in the east end zone wanted Chang, and they let everyone know it. Countless people in my section also wanted Chang. So Coach puts Chang in in the second quarter. Am I the only one who noticed that Timmy accomplished roughly the same as Maas.

Can we now move on?

Jason Maas clearly does not deserve the punishment that alot of people on this board are giving him.

Let the football people figure this out and for God's sake, enough with the bashing. It is now clearly undeserved.

Maas deserves all the critisism he gets. Give Chang the same 8 games that Maas got before the boo birds came out in full force

Maas may not deserve "punishment", but he deserves not to start next game.

Let last year die already. It's over.

So is Maas' carreer

yeah, how is that whole getting rid of Paopao thing working out. Could have sworn he was single handedly responsible for last yr.

It's not bashing... Maas is not ready to come back, Chang played better... let's get behind Chang and move on

We are running the same lame offence this seaon. It isn't Working. (pun intended)

Well no, FYB.


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Good memory, eh?

Oski Wee Wee,

You forgot Stripes and TC. I'm sorry but its' time to let them go.

"Timmy accomplished roughly the same as Maas"

Really? He may not have gotten it into the endzone, but there was clearly more life in the offence. How many first downs did we have with Chang compared to Maas? This would have been a totally different game had Change started; Toronto wasn't exactly doing all that great in the beginning either; had we gotten an early lead, we may actually have won. Also, the penalties were just plain ridiculous.

i agree entirely with you. Chang moved the ball until it was snapped over his head. he escaped the rush and brought new life to the offence. If he had started the game, He would have enjoyed some decent field position that Maas had (and through away). It would have been a completly different game. Once the cats got behind they had to go to the aqir. if they had an early lead they could have used the running game more. Beight behind changes the whole approach to the game. Let's hope that's the last game Maas starts.

Its tough for a QB to make a good pass when his pass protection is atrocious. If you're scrambling on every play, you're gonna be throwing the ball away a lot!

an early lead? are you kiddin'... Chang (if he starts) will probably win 6 games and none against the argos defence! Let's not run Chang out by September... this is going to take another year people!

Good point. With all those calling for Maas to be pulled it was mostly after he was sacked close to our own endzone. The sack was clearly his own fault. :roll:

are we happy?????

I say yes. ticat fans love to complain about everything and anything

I think Mass has taken too many hits to the head. As a quarterback he needs to study the other teams defense and make some reads. When it is obvious that the full blitz is comming he needs to audible and change the play. Check off, quick release, forget the back pedal and tripping over you own feet stuff. I QB needs to be prepared for the game and clearly Mass has never been prepared since arriving here. Was the O line so good when D Mac was here, or was it that D Mac made quick decsions and releasesd the ball quickly.

You're missing the point. D Mac had reliable receivers and at least one go to receiver. In the situation you bring up, D Mac would always look to Flutie to bail him out. Maas could make all of the right reads, but if none of his receivers break off their routes or make the same read, then he's toast as he'll have no one to throw to. The problem here is the lack of experience in the receiver corps.

Maas isn't done. He's just done as a TiCat.

I agree .. let last season die. As for this season, it's dead on arrival people.

There is no offense, and the defense is left on the field way too long, and eventually gets burned. Sound familiar.

The Argos look like a professional football team. The Cats still look like a joke.

The ultimate fiasco is Hamilton using the marketing phrase "it's hammer time". The only ones that got hammered last evening were the Cat supporters in the stands and the fools like me that watched the entire game on TV, waiting, and preying that the Cats would show up and kick Argo butt.

As a long time Hamilton fan, I have had enough of this season already. This team may need months to get it right.

See you all next season kids ... oh and remember, "it's hammer time...". Not. :x