Are we happy the Argo's never got Printers?

Personally, I'm happy that we didn't get Casey. I think it in the best interests of the team that we never boated him.

I keep reading different reports that say we were in it to the end others don't even mention the Argos... meh. (Any comments for that one?)

What do all of you think? Does this really change the tide for the Tiger-Cats?

Yeah it would have been nice, but we have money invested in Bishop and Crouch should be coming off the 9 week IR. The Argos probabaly couldn't make a solid bid (.5 mil) cause we have so much salary locked up on John Avery and Damon Allen, both of whom are done in my opinion. I don't think this will change the tide in the short run for the Cats because they have no good recievers, a shaky O-line and their defensive secondary is attrocious.

I'm happy. Bish is the man!

yo that is some sweet artwork, I like the purple, although I would do a guy in armour running or something for the logo. Lets hope it happens one day. Yeah I have been calling for Bishop for years. I'd like to see McMahon get another shot too, I really though he was gonna be good.

now that crouch is released:

-Bishop should be given back his old # 7 jersey.
-Rocky stays at backup.
-McMahon stays at 3rd string, and once Damon comes off the injured list they release McMahon.

Are you nuts? What's the point of keeping Damon? He'll never start another game again.

They should focus on Bish as the number 1 with Butler as number 2. Get McMahon into playing form, then trade him for an awesome runningback. THen we're unstoppable.

I post too much when i come home from the bar.

good deal, ya keep mcmahon, damon should retire once he comes off the IR.

Argos were supposed get Printers at the end of 2006, it was practically a done deal. The funny thing is that Printers goes to the NFL and can't crack the lineup, comes back and gets .5 million while Mcmahon actually has like 15 NFL starts and is sitting on the bench.