Are we good enough?

So at this point in our season and growth I'm seriously wondering if The Riders are good enough yet to not only get past Edmonton but seriously compete against Calgary and Winnipeg.
It still seems we are adding and taking away the players which I have to believe effects the continuity and player familiarity.
The Calgary game today will certainly give us a better, and more definitive picture as to where the Riders are in their growth and hopes of play-off aspirations.
Go Riders Go!

In fairness to the Riders I think they've already shown that they can compete with and get past both the Esks and Bombers. Regardless of what happens today, I still think we can compete with and defeat the Stamps in a playoff match-up. We always seem to rise to the occaission in the post season against the Stamps.

We have the talent but we don't have the well oiled confidence and chemistry that a team like the Stamps have. Holding them to zero TDs is a moral victory if anything. I believe had Bridge played earlier we would have made Stamps work harder and then make more defensive errors. KG is much more predictable than BB is so the Stamps knew most of the game how to load up against us. BB showed (too late, tho) that he could dissect their D a little bit more than what KG had been doing.

Can't drop the ball with 34 seconds left tho. Ugh. Let's look forward to next week.

Really fine game against Ottawa. Even with Ottawa ahead for the first half, the Riders still held Ottawa to only field goals at the first. Some sloppy sloppy tackling a many misses (you gotta tackle the man on the up-field side not his back side!!)
Never the less I think all things considered against a potentially dangerous Ottawa Team,The Riders played one of their best games; stayed in the game and played a full 60 minutes,
Very exciting result for the teams chemistry and real confidence.
imo, Definitely improving constantly. Great to see.
Go Riders Go

This last game was tough...played the best in the Stamps had a day off practice 2 times head to Ottawa and play again...the team looked burned out....and understandably so...a late kinda ugly win is the mark of a team growing. Far from playing their best they managed a win...Lucky win perhaps...but they showed no quit.

There are still some gaps...but this is a good team. I question coordination at times...but it is a good team. If they fill those gaps they will be a force

Not quitting, figuring out the roles they each had to fill, took away the running and passing lanes from Lindley - plus the momentum changing punt return TD and a late pic when we needed it. Awesome adjustments.

We are a very good team. If we can play a solid 60 minutes 3 phases we can beat anyone in this league. One day off this week then some more focused hard work in Ontario. Bring on the Argos.