Ok, I have been silent long enough. Our future is with Printers. We have to protect him. I don't care if we had Joe Montana behind centre, with our pathetic O'Line, he would look like every other QB taking the snaps for us. It seems every QB looks the same, great in practice and horrible in the game. It all narrows down to the O'Line. Why did we have to trade Wayne Smith? He was a stud! So let's trade Jesse for a stud lineman and maybe get a half decent secondary. Our LB's are solid. Jesse is going to be injury prone his entire career, too tall for a RB. The more he gets hurt the more his value as trade bait will decrease. We will end up giving him away, just like our last dearly departed starting RB.

If jesse is injury prone like you say,who would give up a "stud" for him? I say shut him down and start fresh next season.

Go back to being silent. You want a stud O-lineman then draft one, which we have done. Young O-lineman don't become studs overnight. We have the makings for a very good interior line. We need a stud import OT and then our O-line will take shape. When Hudson comes back healthy next year you will see a big improvement on the line.

Smith was looking lazy on that line plus he always seems to be injured. Marcoux and Dyakowski are great line prospects.

Okay...back to the original topic. Lumstead is more than likely out for the rest of the year. You can't trade him now anyways.

Cheetahman thinks we should trade him to the Argos. :wink: :lol:

Is that you Pinball. :lol:

Maybe it's Frank D'Angelo.

this whole trade lumsden stuff is ridiculus, people get hurt, plain and simple. Jesse is the best young back in the league even last game against peg he had 76 yds at the start of the 3rd he was on pace for another 150+ night and then would have got player of the week again and then all you morons would be saying sign jesse long term which is what we should be doing anyways. jesse brings excitment to the cats more than any player I can think of in recent history and you want to trade him for an o lineman, come on, really you should have stayed silent.


If we ever traded Lumsden. It would come back to haunt us big time!!! It could be like Vancouver trading Cam Neely. It`s amazing how every player on this team gets jumped on. Sure the guy is injured. Let him heal properly. Even if he has to take the rest of the year off. So what. he conditions himself in the offseason and comes back better than ever next year. has a good shot at become leading rusher. Give the guy a break. If he starts getting injured next year, then yeah, we have something to worry about. But give the guy a chance. I think he will be fine next year

And what did old #32 really do not much actually less than he would if he stayed here.

If he's lucky, we will.

This is the second "trade Jesse" thread in the past month.
I'll give you the same answer I gave to the previous thread starter..."don't be ridiculous."

The guy is soft! That's why he will never play down south. Rest him for the rest of the year, then make a trade! Soft Soft Soft!

is it really the ridiculous maybe not trading him in the next 2 or 3 seasons while his stock is still high may be the best thing for this team. another few seasons of his injuries shutting down for half the season his stock will likely be worthless and plays out his contract and is lost for nothing. at this point id say hold on to him for a season or 2 and see if the trend continues maybe even next season if he get hurt out of the gate trading him as it is his contract yr. the next question is will teams want him after next season with the contract he will likely carry and with his reputation of injuries.

Keep him.

The suggestion is insane.

An Argo-Cat fan

Well since we are speaking in Hypotheticals what about this...We trade him, he heals up and begins to roll over the CFL becoming leading rusher..and stays healthy because he was allowed to heal properly.

Players have fought with injury before only to come back stronger players later him is a mistake he is showing great potential and will only get better..he has the rest of this season + off season to rehab himself back to 100%, After that he will come back a young kid like that is a mistake..

Watched the Leafs do that for years and look where they are now..finally getting the point.

...or perhaps... given the nature of football, and jesse's competitive nature and desire to win he returned to help the team before he was ever really fully healed in the first place. so maybe jesse's not soft, he's just trying to sacrifice for the good of the team. i'm not saying it's fact because I don't know, but given this is his first full season it's kind of early to slap any kind of label other than extremely talented on him quite yet.

my theory may not be right, but any doubters need only look at Jason Maas who only recently admitted now that he is in Montreal that his shoulder was never 100%

Jesse is a difference maker, you see the way that offense plays when he is and isn't on the field and a lot of the time it's night and day. 7.6 yards a carry is no fluke. Shut him down, let him recover and rehab properly and watch the magic next year.

Trade Lumsden?? Get real... what are you, an Argo fan?

Listen I hope your right,and that I'm not saying I told you so next season. But I got a feeling about this one! What the heck do I know anyway.

Did Cam bring a Cup to Boston? Were not trading Jesse, he's damaged one wants a maybe. I say bring someone else in. Lumsden will be the number one second back in the league. What's the big deal?