Are we going to sign anyone soon?

It seems like every other team in the league is re-signing some of their soon to be free agents and even extending guys that are already under contract. Yet we have done nothing, which makes me worry.

...and what about Joe Womack?

Maybe everything is frozen until there has been a determination about the stadium situation... Makes sense...

I wouldn't sign here with all the crap going on. No DC at present and nowhere to play right now.

Other than that every thing is just great. :roll:

Dont look now, Montreal signed Prechae.

Free agency starts in Feb. and whats the point in announcing player signings now with all the negative news going on... wait until the final season ticket rush and all of the sudden you'll hear signings.

Last I checked we have lot’s of candidates lined up for the DC job and the Cats will be playing at IWS through 2011 so sounds like they have a place to play to me.

TSN has a great article on their site and basically they say that the Cats are not too far from winning it all.

Many said that at the beginning of 2010.

Should be a challenging 2011 season in the East,particularly if Winnipeg has healthy QBs.


It'll be great for PR. He can learn how not to run a pass route in a whole other language.

Some people think beyond next year.

According to the Riders' play-by-play radio guy, he's already working for the Cats and has been on a scouting mission with Danny Mac !?!?

Also interesting in the same report is talk about Marshall perhaps picking Steve Burrato, for his coaching staff, over the guy who first hired Greg into the CFL -- Jim Daley.

On the Bill Kelly show today at the end of segment 3 Scott Mitchell mentioned that the team will be announcing some 'football' related news....