Are we going to see Ellingson fined this week for the late hit on Tasker?

hopefully that hit was crap

Wasn’t it Cioffi??

LOL. It would be funny as hell if Ellingson does get fined for that hit on Tasker . The reason being is that Ellingson had nothing to do with that play and the fact that Tasker and him are never on the field at the same time . Now if you want to talk about perhaps fining someone I think Cioffi might be the name you’re looking for .

Fining Ellingson might actually be a brilliant move… Would really Discourage cheap shots if the league picked at random and fined one of your teammates every time you got a major cheap shot called. Now you hurt one of your teammates instead, guys like Kyrie’s Hebert seem ok with being fined themselves but might be reigned in by hurting there teammates.

I assume the OP meant “fined” by the Ticat defense since Cioffi seems to have got away with cheap shot on Tasker.

I love this idea. Random fines. OR you pay double the fine yourself. I think this thread poster inadvertantly solved the problem.

Do you work for the Spec. Just asking.

Why not random fines? CFL officials and command seem to give out random penalties at times.

I sometimes wonder if the clowns in the command centre even have their video monitors on . They're probably sitting up there playing X-Box or Play Station games sipping on double scotches , hauling on the bong and eating Cheetos .

Neither fined

Open season, again, on Ticats.

oops my bad

A good opinion piece on this thread's subject:

I am shocked he was not fined. Complete B.S. and I think the league needs to address why not. This was as dirty a hit all yes.

heres hoping the Ticat D applies the appropriate goof tax

It is rarely the instigator who gets nabbed, but often the guy who retaliates. I’m thinking the league will have notified the officials doing Saturday’s game to be watching for any blatant retaliation on the part of the Cats. And I’m thinking also that Ottawa will be happy to goad the Cats into retaliation.

IMO, Campbell is one of the coaches who builds Incidential Conduct into his passing routes, and I don’t suspect he would be adverse to his players drawing other penalties when possible. Not saying he would encourage anything openly, but don’t imagine he will discourage it either. Remember his “soccer? style collapse with Duron Carter? ‘Nuff said.

I agree no fine, Cioffi didn't lead with the helmet, nothing really dirty about it just two guys going at. 15 yards roughing penalty was enough. This is football, it's a rough and tough game. These guys were sparring the whole game, Tasker was goading him and could have been called for offensive interference a couple of times.
Look again, Late, high hit, contact with the head. Deserving of a fine IMHO

Absolutely a dirty, dangerous cheapshot, and no action taken by the league? Where are the executive storing their brains these days? If the NHL can take steps to reduce blindside hits like this one to protect player health surely the CFL can also. Lacking league action, somebody from the Tiger Cats needs to send a message out, and soon. There, without a doubt, needs to be be a punishment for this despicable act.

No one cares.

If the players cared, they would direct the players’ association to protect their health instead of protecting the livelihood of the headhunters and cheap shot artists.

HAM fans care, this week, because it’s Tasker. Pretty sure OTT fans don’t care. (They would if it was Ellingson.) And there’s still a pretty big subset of fans (maybe even a majority?) who think this is all part of football and it is impossible to change this behaviour.

The League doesn’t care enough to take a stand. Maybe they don’t like the bad publicity. Maybe they are just not concerned about the impact on guys like Tasker a decade or two from now.

Perhaps, making the game safer would encourage more young people to play the game and might make it easier to recruit players to sign with the CFL.

Agree Chewbacca! it was a late hit, and high and well after the ball had sailed past Tasker. Someone mentioned that Tasker had been goading Cioffi - I highly doubt it - that's not his MO on the field. I think he did say something after the hit - and rightly so!
If Duke Williams was fined for running over the BC DB (considerably less force and HAD been goaded) then that hit on Tasker certainly should have been one that received supplementary discipline in the form of a fine!