are we ever going to see Scott Gordon play safety?

I know he's hurt, but when will he be back, and will Reed ever give him a start? I was really looking forward to seeing Gordon lay out some opposing receivers this year.

I hope so..cause Shaw can't tackle a tackling dummy if it was standing there in front of him..oh is!!. :lol:

I too would like to see Gordon play.He his one of my favourite players to watch and with the way Shaw is tackling out there we could use someone like Gordon.
I've spoken to him a few times and he says that everytime he pushes it he can feel the instability.
Even if he did go back in no way Kavis would start him over his precious shaw and he knows no reason to rush back

The biggest weakness on the "D" is without a doubt, Shaw. This guy can't hit and he can't cover. Always seems to arrive when it's too late.
I like to see what Gordon can do out there.
He certainly can't be any worse than Shaw.
The other player who look good out there was Sandy Beveridge. This guy hits like a Mack Truck.

I was just wondering the same thing myself.

shaws wicked at coverage., not so much at tackling but with a one two punch like shaw n cody its wicked