Are we due to Break out and win ??

Montreal is having Issuies as we are.
They have installed a new Offence system.
AC is having Major Problems adjusting.
the Ol is not blocking well..

Is this the game we breakout ????
on Defence and Offence and Special Teams????

Two area where working vs the Argos.

Can we got all 3 and Beat Montreal????

Will this be the game the start winning back in the Hammer??

perhaps, we'll have to see. But I do agree with you, Calvillo is struggling, even Cahoon didn't play well. If our Defence can take advantage of the O-line problem and get to Calvillo early, I think we will do ok IF our offense can get it together. I heard Charlie Taffe say that they were going to pair the playbook down, and find something that they are good at and do it. Clearly right now our system isn't working, and I am happy to hear that Taffe is doing something about it.

i think we can definately pull at out a win

but i dont think we are gunna blow them out or anything i predict a win by 10 points or less

I think whoever scores a TD first will win. We will gain confidence if we get our FIRST TD of the year, and if Montreal scores on us first, our confidence will drop like a rock.

Montreal has a lot of proud veterans: they will not stay down long. I can see AC having a classic game this week (for instance, back to calling his own plays), with a comfortable win.

i dont know,
i dont think that Jim Popp is a coach, and i think he has a large Ego, therefore i do not believe that he will change his system yet.

We had two of the three teams working? I only saw one. Our Defense looked really strong for the amount of time they were on the field. Our Offense (if under Maas) will not win the game no matter how good the Defense plays. Our Special Teams took way too many penalties. Montreal is still light-years ahead of us. If we win 5 games this year we'll be very lucky. I strongly believe that Coach Taffe has the wrong players playing.

I agree 110% with you TCats4 I think Jim Poop is in way over his head and hope he stays that way for at least a few more weeks. :smiley:

hey onknight, i see where you’re coming from with mtl. but in baseball terms i beleive its called the tie goes to the runner. in this case, sure both teams are having pretty much the same problem but mtl has 2 more things going for them that your cats don’t-TDS and promise. back to the baseball analogy-
the “runner” in this case is the team with most recent success-MONTREAL,sorry not this week.

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