Are We Dreaming...

What a turn around from last week! if I said I was extremely happy that would be an understatement.

Our boys and coaches deserve all the credit in the world for whipping the snot out of the favoured blue team. You could tell from the start we came out with a chip on our shoulders tonight.

The Moreno/Knowlton combo is looking a lot like the Moreno/Armour combo from last season. To be honest I think it will be a better combo this year.

What did you really like from tonights game?...

What did you really like from tonights game?...
I think this game tells us that we can potentially make the playoffs this year if we keep up this level of play. If we keep showing improvement, and win some games, we can make the playoffs. And then anything can happen. ;-) We finally have a reason to care. Finally.

28 :lol: :thup:

What did I like tonight? Just about everything.

Belli getting tossed was a highlight for me.

And another highlight was O'Shame getting burned on Lumsden's first TD. :slight_smile:

And about Knowlton being a good replacement for Armour, you might be right, GBonds. And now maybe we won't miss Armour and Armstead as much as we thought we might.

Sticking it to those double blue buttheads right in their backyard!

300 yards Rushing we Ran over them :lol:
I love Stublers quote
"Three hundred yards rushing? It could've been 600," said Argos head coach Rich Stubler. "We couldn't tackle anybody out there tonight.

Hats off to Marwin and Hoogies.. one hell of a job..

if montreal beats winnipeg tonite, the ticats are 2nd in the long since u could say that?

Here's what I liked about the game:

  1. Joseph was contained all evening...congrats to the Defense
  2. Special teams made the adjustments necessary to stop the big runbacks by Dorsey
  3. Tre Smith's returns certainly helped give Hamilton great field position
  4. Gordon accepted Charlie's challenge to step it up and made some great stops (fumble recovery as well)
  5. O-Line gave Printers the chance to throw the ball downfield (having an excellent running game certainly kept the defense confused)
  6. The TSN panel eating crow (especially Climie) :thup:

Having said that, what I didn't like was taking a penalty to negate a TD. This could have come back to haunt us, as it has in the past, but it didn't.

The TSN panel eating crow (especially Climie)

....I have to admit, I can't stand Climie. He the most negative one on the crew however I guess you always need 1 to stir the pot.

Alot of our destiny is in our hands!

From the Ticat Confidential we learn that:

"The game ball went to Caretaker Bob Young, who was on hand for the team’s first win at Toronto since he took control of the team."

I know TSN won't cover that one! Are we dreaming indeed?

That was the best....wouldn't have believed it had I not seen it for myself!

man everytime i watch the highlights of the game i cant help but to just sit there and smile :slight_smile:


There All Two Toronto Pro for my Liking
Everyone them thought we'd get Squished by Toronto.
Frankly I Miss the CBC Panel that aleast had people not so pro Toronto .

They are not pro Toronto, they are pro good football teams.... if we keep this up we'll get their respect. We've been terrible so they have no reason to say anything positive about us.

I agree with that, respect is earned just like charlie said before game one. I also think climie gives the best real football insight although it may seem negative at times. For every winner there is a loser and its his job to analize it. Nobody really gave the cats a shot last night and after the first game result its hard to blame them. String a few wins together and they will be singing the praises of the cats and picking them to win.

I think after last weeks debacle you couldn't blame anyone for not giving the Cats a chance.
Kudos to 'winched' for mentioning Gordon's game last night. The man really took a beating after last weeks loss. What can you say, both sides of the ball played great.