Are Tiger-Cat fans Elite?

Saskatchewan and Winnipeg seem to have top-tier fans year after year. Why can’t Hamilton live up to the same standard?

I think we have to cheer a team with a winning percentage of .600 or over for at least 4 years or cheer our team on to win 2 Grey Cups in 4 years to be considered elite.

Ticats fans would rather stand in a concourse talking to their friends and drinking watered down beer than be in the stands cheering on the team.

I guess I like to think that I am. I get frustrated with them from time to time, but the same happens to me with my wife and kids. I like to think that means I care about the team, and want it to succeed both on and off the field.

  1. Those folks are not real fans at all “Teddy”, Just a bunch of social butterflies :-[ :-[

Unfortunately that is what this new THF is attracting, and making the stadium look half empty !!

No real football atmosphere any more ::slight_smile:

Welcome to the new world :-[ :-\ ::slight_smile: Sad indeed !!

Better than them not being there at all.

These are the same people who walk by you in your seats while the play is live. The Tiger Cats need to create a game atmosphere with people in their seats cheering the team on.

That’s the fans job I’m afraid! At least they’re coming as compared to before!

The atmosphere suffers but at least the texting crowd is spending their cash to help keep the CFL afloat. Also helps keep ticket prices down for the hardcore fans.

I have been to every Stadium in the CFL to watch the Ti-Cats play and I have 3 Tiger-Cat tats. I don’t know about you, but I would say that makes me Elite. :wink:

Probably true. One tat could be a drunken mistake, but three is most definitely deliberate.

(I hope none of them say “Manziel”)

Elite, nothing! That makes you a candidate to lead the stadium in an Oskie-Wee-Wee!

I’m elite, are y 'all?

Careful now. You could end up being accused of hate. :wink:

looks like it.....

Great post. Fans give as much as they take away. And we've had nothing to take away, yet boy did they give.