Are Ticats looking to deal Maas? Article from edmonton sun

Are Ticats looking to deal Maas?

The CFL rumour mill is spitting out Jason Maas's name this week, suggesting the Hamilton Tiger-Cats are looking to deal their starting pivot.

Pulled in back-to-back games by coach Ron Lancaster, Maas has the lowest quarterback rating among regular starters in the league and has thrown a league-high 10 interceptions.

In his last two games alone, the former Eskimo star hasn't eclipsed 135 yards in either outing - 16 of 27 for 118 yards last Saturday and 12 of 27 for 131 yards on Aug. 19.

But Edmonton Eskimo head coach Danny Maciocia doesn't really believe Maas will be traded.

"I'd be surprised if they dealt him," said the coach, who still regularly talks with his former pivot.

"I can't see how they would deal Jason Maas. And I can just imagine what they would be looking for."

Compounding the issue of dealing Maas - if he's indeed on the block - is the fact his salary is rumoured to be $300,000 annually.

maybe not suprising this story comes out of edmonton where they are looking for worse news than the esks. Wishful thinking maybe.

Theres no starting QB's hanging around to replace Maas anyways.

Tee Martin is available... so are Ted White and Quincy Carter...

I'm just trying to help...

i was listening to the fan590 today and jim lang ( sportsnet cfl guy ) was sayin how, if casey printers gets cut by the chiefs, the argos would trade anyone to BC to get him, since they don't have anyone to take damons spot when he retires after the '07 season.

so unless the ticats are willing to out-bid the argos, they are prolly gonna stick with maas and give him another years chance.

That's my thoughts exactly dg.

Hmmm, Casey in Hamilton...that would be interesting...

With help like that..... :cry: :cry: :cry:

Carter could be good for Hamilton, but I think they will stay with Maas

I have never been a big Maas fan, I thought he has always been a streaky qb. However, this year he has played the whole injured, the offensive line rarely gives him 2 mississippi's, and paopao's offensive schemes were brutal. :rockin:

Hamilton needs him more than any other team, they would be stupid to trade him.