Are Ti-Cats the Grey Cup appearance champs?

Watching all the "CFL Traditions" videos it strikes me that most of the time the teams are playing Hamilton in the final win or lose. Who has the most GC appearances?

Including their historical lineage, Hamilton football clubs won league championships in every decade of the 20th century, a feat matched by only one other Canadian franchise in professional sports, the Montreal Canadiens of the NHL.
From Wikipedia, these is evidence to support my theory! :rockin:

Alltime the Argos have the most Grey Cups, Edmonton has the most appearences. I didn't use Balmy Beach.

I compilied a list of Grey cup appearences ,since 1950. I think it's more revalent.
EDM 13 - 8
HAM 8 - 10
WIN 7 - 8
MON 4 - 11
TOR 6 - 3
CAL 5 - 5
BC 5 - 4
SK 3 - 5
OTT 5 - 2

Woohoo! Second last! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the info., it kind of confirms my theory and the Eskimos of the 70's and eighties were simply awesome.

Why are the stats post 1950 most relevant. I do not understand this reasoning.

Not to take away anything prior to 1950,I think it gives you a better perspective of how the current franchises have done in the modern era. The BC lions franchise didn't start playing untill 1954 . You had every Grey Cup contesteded in the East, early on. The west wasn't involved in the first Grey Cups played. But if you think university of Queens 3 Cups in the 20,s or whatever, are more relevant then Edmonton's 5 cups from 78 to 82 , good for you.

No, no. He said it was more REVALENT..... whatever that means......

That sounds like something superman would say.....

Sounds like something dubya would say.

Ottawa may be last, but they've still got a decent record. I'm surprised Montreal only has 4 wins out of 15 appearances. Guess they're the Grey Cup bitch. :lol:

In the 81 game , they had a big lead at the half , but it just slipped away. The off setting pass interference call ,late in the 4th that negated a huge gain for Ottawa, didn't help matters.

Well, didn't they always play Edmonton and lose? In the '50s, '70s and '00s?

Or were you purposely looking for someone else to pick up on that and mention it?

Yup! I noticed Montreal seemed to come up against Edmonton a lot, and lose. Oh well... Go Eskimos!


The question is who has been to the most Grey Cups. Time does not matter. If Queens university had been to the most then they would win. It really is a simple question. Based on you thinking we will have to start this conversation over the first year after Ottawa re-joins the league because that will be the most 'modern era.'

Do not imply that I am putting more relevance on Queens Grey Cups than Edmonton's, or any other team.

I can make an implication myself; You are saying that the Canadian Football League prior to your self described modern era, was not a professional league, and the Grey Cups during those times should be taken back. See I can put words into your mouth too.

is danny mac still part of the tie cats?

No, he ended his career in '06 with Calgary as a backup, after 8 years with the 'tie' cats. He retired after that and became a TV analyst. While he is apparently an outstanding game analyst, he was not comfortable in front of the camera (very noticeable). He then became the QB coach last year for the Ticats, helping Quinton Porter during his starting tenure (including the huge upset over Montreal). He is now an eastern scout for the Ticats and works out of his home in Florida, except when he is required to be up here.

i knoew he was a with them last yearin that manner. but i wanst sure if he was a scout this year or not… it sounds supicious “a scout in florida” kinda of like an honerable position. i hope he actually does his job down there. hope i didnt sound too negative. even though im a stamps fan, my prayer is that every cfl team wins at least seven games a year(stamps going 18-0).

:lol: That actually didn't enter my mind when I made that post, but you're right, Edmonton does lead the GC series against them.