Are Ti-Cat winter or leather jackets available for purchase?

The online Tiger-Cat store has light jackets available for purchase, but nothing heavy.

I am more interested in something for winter wear.

Would I be wasting my time going to either of the stores to see if they have anything?

you gotta talk to the 8-ball

I Just came from Centre Mall, I was told that nothing will be in until Dec.

Thanks for that Tigger.

I would assume Jackson Square would be the same.

If you are able go to the locker room sale on Saturday and Sunday. They will have winter Jackets. I am not sure about Leather ones. pat_cat

After that kind of a season I cannot see why you would want to wear such a jacket and possibly get egged while walking the streets with it on. Might as well buy a brown paper bag and cut a few holes out of it as well and wear it with the jacket.

Is this a first come first serve. Cause I would think that anything worth buuying will be gone early. Especially if you are in the Medium range.

I just saw a guy walking down the street wearing a ticats shirt and coat.

No one was throwing eggs at him.

Just wait until October 30th then. Nothing is more inviting for the trajectory of an egg than a nice big round yellow target. If I was an egger that would be my choice. Hehe.

I've been looking for some heavy Ticat winter wear too but without success.
It appears that I'll have to find something more conventional, i.e. with no team logo.

Too bad, the organization is missing what could likely be a lucrative market here.

There were a couple of winter coats at the locker room sale but they were size XXL.

The person I talked to there didn't think there would be any more anywhere any time soon, but that I could check the other ticat stores to see if they have any left.