Are Things Really Going To Be Different?

Hmmm...Let's see, Head Coach Mike Benevides was let go to become another TSN Colour Analyst, Jacques Chapdelaine took his travelling, stagnated-offensive scheme road show to Saskatchewan, Stefan Logan goes east, Tim Brown ends up in Calgary, Ernest Jackson is looking great in Ottawa...etc., etc., The basic idea being that there was the push to create change around here. And, the biggest change of all was the insertion of a new, "uptempo-minded", somewhat decorated college coach who had one mantra in mind...AN ATTENTION TO DETAIL. I know it's only one game and a season is does not, but there was numerous glaring brain-cramp, lack of focus, ladee-dah type moments in the loss to Ottawa. In particular...

  1. With 0.5 seconds in the first half of the contest and the receiver just lying on the ground, why didn't anyone on the coaching staff or secondary (Ryan Phillips are you listening?) tell everyone on the defense before the play to simply let the play run around, fall down or whatever and, absolutely, DON'T TOUCH THE OTTAWA PLAYER until time runs out. Simply, a LACK of attention to detail that cost the Lions 3 points.

  2. Supposed veteran QB Travis Lulay, with 8 Ottawa players dropping in to coverage decides that he too will also just drop back and try to throw a pass where the Ottawa players are standing. Why not run a drag pattern, in route, run a rub, etc., etc. Why not call an audible? Travis, sorry, but a LACK of attention to detail.

  3. Illegal procedure penalties, substitution, time count violations that, are part of a new group of guys, but again seem to sometimes happen at key times. Does this remind anyone of last season. Shouldn't happen, but, alas, it is only one game. Is this a trend? If so...chalk it up to a LACK of attention to detail...especially by the coaching staff for not "nipping it in the bud" and consequencing players who do it to often (Say like...Mr. Valli who became Mr. Illegal Procedure for awhile).

I'll stop here or it will just too long. But, I honestly am hoping things WILL be different under Jeff Tedford. I know it takes time, but after 2 pre-season games and a lacklustre effort in Ottawa, there was a single "ding" on the Alarm Bell. Brain farts and brain cramps that players better get a good night's sleep on or...

It WON'T be different and it'll be a longggggggg season. In the words of a certain 80's Arena Rock group called Asia..."...Only time will tell."

I Agree with everything you have said. Not trying to made excuses here but like you said we do have a new Head Coach and we had to replaced the players due to free agency or they were getting long in the tooth and became a cap hit casualty. We needed change. I'd say give some of the new players and vets to make the adjustments needed and we will see down the road if anything changes for the better.

I agree with pretty much everything Voice of Reason wrote above, but I think it's way too early to pull the ripcord and start panicking. Against the Ottawa TwoColours BC had pretty poor production in the red zone and didn't try to run the ball even once inside the five yard line. Lulay was under pressure all night and our fffensive line missing two starters continues to struggle to achieve consistency and cohesivness.

The defence did cause a couple turnovers, but for most of the night Biggy and Solly were invisible and all twelve looked like a sieve, both in run and pass defence. We need to get batter defensively on first down or we'll get smoked next game as well.

The only part of our game I thought we played well was special teams, except for one poor punt. And hjow many freaking times do we have to see great kick returns thwarted because of lazy blocking fouls. If the guy who did the illegal block on the return Lawrence was on my team, Ihe'd have given him the old CFL apple-and-a-road map treatment as so as they got of the plane back at YVR.

With so many new faces, a QB that could be done the next time he takes a hit, our best receiver Courtney Taylor out with a hamstring, offensive tackle Hunter Stewart and guard Matt Norman injured, our most experience DB Ryan Phillips out with an injury and nobody over 300 pounds inside on our defensive line, we're probably not going to play our best, especially for the first few games.

BC has a chance this Saturday at 3:00 PM to redeem themselves and get back on a winning track against the Darioan Durant-less Green Riders, who didn't look so hot against the Argos last week.

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