Are they trying to tell us something...?

I was just checking out the Free Agent list, something I haven't done for a while. And I noticed that the players Ottawa signed, like Annunziata, are shown once again as free agents.

What do you think? Does this mean anything?

If this was done to prepare for an announcement of the suspension of the team, does this mean their free agent signings will not be included in the dispersal draft?

Nothing like fueling speculation.

I would suspect Big Dave that time is quickly running out for keeping Ottawa in for the 2006 season. Maybe you've stumbled onto something.

That is strange. Aren't we being told that players signed by Ottawa will get paid? If that is the case then these players should not be re-listed as free agents. I think this is a screwup rather than something happening with Ottawa.

.....very interesting...though I think it's probably a foul-up somewhere....I heard yesterday that Marcus Howell and Donaldson...two WPG. guys who play for the Rens...were prepared to go all out to keep the team alive for 06... they were ready to fly to Ottawa and work the community or do what ever it takes ....guess they can see the writing on the wall and are a little fearful of being out of work...Who knows how this is going to end up...I hope the league reachs some sort of conclusion soon.... :roll:

Was Annunziata's name removed from the FA list in the first place? Perhaps whoever takes care of that stuff just never took the name off the list ...

Yeah, it was. Shortly after he signed, I was counting the players signed by the various teams, and I think he was the only one signed by Ottawa. Now that's gone blank again.