Are These The Right Moves?

Probably a good place to start. Even though the mess has been so complex that the best football minds around (who are willing to discuss the team) say that they don't fully understand what's been going on.

Three messages have been sent.

First- players/fans, you shouldn't be able to blame coaching schemes now.
Second - the team has to have discipline. No matter how good a player you are the team has to come first
Third - Fans, give us some time- we're trying.

Will this change things around? I certainly don't think that any miracle revival is immediately at hand but on reflection these seem like reasonable - if difficult - moves to make.

The Belli trade on paper is a win for Jim Popp, IMHO. That being said, all the other adjustments are positive.

We need a football man for GM. Kavis Reed and Jerome Erdman have 7 games left here. The 2007 season effectively starts Labour day. It's a seven-game audition for players' roster spots and respectability. I doubt we are going to save the season at this point.

If Maas and co. can get some synchroncity happening, then we will have some better football as a whole to watch. I am not expecting miracles here.

Getting Corey Holmes on the field on a regular basis in the offensive unit is essential. The playbook may be "simplified" -- i.e. 1/2 of it might be recycled on the napkins from whence it came -- but the effects of this can be juiced simply by getting our big play guys more involved with crossing patterns, deep balls, and a bigger commitment to the running game.

Oski Wee Wee,

You got that right, Russ. Still can't believe these two have lasted this long.

Just as simplifying things in their system worked for Damon Allen after Kent Austin left

I think with Joe Paopao and Kani Kauai gone our in-house guys,
the Katzenjammer Kids, can do the same for the Tiger Cats.

It would be virtually impossible for the the offence to play worse than what has been displayed this season.
Anything would be an improvement.
The inprovement must begin on Labour Day.