are these seats any good?

17L4 FF

and can someone tell me how high they are?

Well they are UPPER BOWL... and i think the rows start with AA and so on... so there not that high up (but i could be wrong)... how much are they?!?

They are fairly high up . You got FF , they start with single letters at the bottom through the alphabet then go double letters. But FF is only 6 letters up from were doubles start. I believe that's how that works. I can't say where section 17 is , but from the upper level you can see all parts of the field where ever you are , only distance becomes a factor if you get too high.

Actually no ... it's not as high up as you think. We've sat in the upper deck on the Lions side of the field for the last four games.

The first five rows are A, B, C. D. E ... then everything from the section tunnel and up is AA, BB, CC, DD and so on ....

So actually ... FF is only 11 rows up from the balcony. You will be on about the 20-yard line behind the Eskimos bench. They're good seats.