Are these seats any good??

Hey guys, just asking a question. I finally know what section I will be in and row and stuff, just want to know if they are any good. The last few years I have had horrible seats in the Grey Cup, yet for some reason we never learn and keep waiting till its too late to get really good ones.

Anyways seats are section 10 row JJ, seats 3-8. I checked the site, and it appears to be around the 10 yard line on the visitors side. Can I get a confirmation of this. Are there bad seats at BC place?? It won't matter THAT much, but I would like to have good seats, when I watch your Lions beat whoever comes out of the East. :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance

They're ok seats. I think you're high enough to see the far end of the field. I'm in Section 11 Row AA and they're not bad either.

Those seats are fine for viewing the game. You are up higher in the section and will have a good view, plus easy viewing of the Jumbotron for instant replays.

Is that upper deck or lower? Higher up in the upper does get pretty high IMO, and then the you're quite far from the action, although you can still see every thing . Lower level is good from the 10's especially , if you're higher up in it. You can tell if you are upper or lower on your ticket by the level , 1&2 are lower, 3&4 are upper.

I had season tickets in section 11 upper deck back in the 80's and they were great! I actually prefer the first 5 rows up top as you can see the pass plays develop.

Ya got good tickets Billy!

They are lower deck.

And I can't wait. Beat those damn eskimos So I can actually cheer for a team, instead of the damn refs again. Cause there is no way I am cheering for the Esks, Als or Argos.

only 11 more days till the party starts.

Are you going to the western Final?

nope. I live in Saskatoon. And am A rider fan. I just go to Grey Cups. even though the Riders are never there :cry:

Sportsman , I know the lower part of the upper deck is great, I said higher up in the upper you start getting to far from the field.

No Problem, I think the only bad seats if you want to call them that are the ones where your back is to the big screen.