Are These Players Forgiven?

Tim White R 4 catches for 77 yds and 1 TD .

Seth Small 4/ 4 field goals,

Michael Domagala aver. punt 46 yds and 37 yds net

OLine 149 yds rushing 7.1 yd aver. 2 sacks given up

Sp. Teams 153 punt return yards

  • Tommy Condell is not a player but his play calling was effective in guiding our 2 QBs .

Feel free to add more players who have been maligned this year but shone last night . :slightly_smiling_face:


I could add
STE scored a very timely 23 yard Touchdown scamper
Kudos to Shiltz, returning for the 4th qtr and leading us to the win!


I think that the whole team including coaches not falling asleep in the second half is worth some forgiveness. Lets hope this become a trend moving forward. Dane when he comes back needs to get in on this too.


Agree Pat.

A big step in the right direction.

I liked Small from pre-season. Glad he stuck around.

Running game is improving. A must going into the second half of the season. O-line is showing signs of cohesiveness.


One game does not a season make. I have to see the team continuing to find ways to win ...and these players contributing in the process.
The competition also matters...and Argos are an average team; who stifled us the week before. Playing against Winnipeg, Calgary, Sask will tell us a lot about this team. (Unfortunatley BC doesn't play at THF)
Backing into the playoffs, just to be beaten by a superior team leaves a bad taste.