Are there temporary stadiums presently being used in the CFL

I am a Ph. D. of Sports Administration specializing in (North American) football stadiums from Wichita, Kansas USA. It's a lot like Moose Jaw here in Wichita only a lot less cold and no underground sections of town. Lots of wheat and cattle and horses, though.

Thanks, Karl

In the current season, , there are no teams in temporary stadiums. However, the Saskatchewan Roughriders are using their current stadium for its final season. The team will move in to new digs next season..

There are no temporary stadiums in use at this time in the CFL. In 2010/11 the Lions constructed Empire Field, which was a 27,500-seat temporary stadium which reportedly cost $14 million to rent/build. It was a Swiss design which apparently had been used by MLS and other sports teams. The Swiss company constructed the stadium themselves with their own Swiss staff which was flown in.