Are there mini camps this year?

I itching for some CFL news even if its just mini camps. I looked at the Rider website and can't see any mini camp dates. Are teams running those this year?

Teams dropped having mini-camps in 2019 when the league started implementing cost cutting measures such having a football operations cap. Not all teams had used them, so that is probably how it could be justified.

CFL off-season roster limit is 100 players. Prior 2019, teams used mini-camps to evaluate and reduce their roster to 75 by April 30 in preparation for training camp.

For 2022, teams will have a 3-day rookie camp (May 11-14) then trim their rosters to 85. After the first 3 days of training camp (May 15-17), clubs will be required to be at 75 not including non-counters.

So essentially, having the 2 quick evaluation periods in the middle of May is the replacement for the mini-camp which used to be in April.

It appears that teams are back running mini camps. I see BC, Calgary and Winnipeg are having or have had camps down in Florida and/or Texas. With Pro days and mini camps its a busy time of year.

What you are seeing from CFL teams are Free Agent Camps or Open Tryouts.

-held at a single location over 3 days
-only signed players attend
-coaches start implementing their playbook
-goal is to evaluate their players and trim the roster for cutdown date

-1 day but held at different times and locations in the US during the off-season
-only free agents are allowed
-essentially a combine for unsigned players
-goal is to find 1 or 2 players good enough to invite to training camp

When Chris Jones was with the Riders, he seemingly held 2 Free Agent Camps almost every weekend for the whole off-season.

In 2019, there were no mini-camps but teams still had a cutdown date in late April. With no way to evaluate their players, the Argos held a Free Agent camp in Buffalo, NY so they would have a better idea on who to release. Wait. I just said only unsigned players can attend these open tryouts, so how could the Argos do this? Argos released about dozen newly signed players just for the tryout and then re-added the ones they wanted to keep.