are there bloods and crips in canada??


Sadly yes. Even more sad is that they are often groups of wannabe loser suburban-dwelling kids that just hang out in malls, terrorizing the patrons of Orange Julius

they are in edmonton,where i live now.all over sask,where i am from.
i was a bad kid and got locked up when i was younger and they sent me to this little jail south of regina.the people locked up from regina were having a gang war bloods vs crips.all the boys from saskatoon decided to beat the bloods and crips.being from saskatoon i had alot of fun.
they are nothing like the states.crips in the states use the colour royal
blue the idiots here (in sask) use navy blue.when you try to coppy
american gangs atleast get there colours wright.and they dont have guns
only little knives.

are they white?? cuz here in america they are almost all black, except for your few wiggers. most of the ghetto whites just like the black culture(the music and hip hop crap. you cant spell crap without rap, remember that.), but are too afraid to join a gang.

way we can kill all of those insurgents is to send all of the crips over there and drop a bunch of red paint on the terrorists. they would be dead in 3 weeks, tops.

are there any gangs only in canada or that originated in canada, like maybe the "killa canucks" or something??

rebels.indian posse,cazy crees,baby faced gangsters,west side boyz,loco loco.young dragons all indian exept young dragons they were chinese.and i almost forgot about the flips all phillipino no whites or saskatoon there are 8 full time gangs and 2 or 3 that come and go.

rebels was a biker gang swollowed up by the hells angels.almost all white

didnt know canada had that many gangs. in america we always here about canada's low crime rate. maybe it isnt low, ours is just reaaalllllyyy high. now are there alot of KKK members in canada as well?

im from saskatoon,my home town had the highest crime rate per capida
in canada.still go back and visit but the city only gets worse.its not bad in edmonton or calgary only in sask.i havent heard much on the kkk
exept this kid trying to start some kind of kkk gang to fight the indians in saskatoon.gave me a pamflet he had made.i am 3/4white 1/4 indian
and asked why he gave it to me?he turned and 6foot3 about 235
in good hair brown eyes and dark skin not like a indian but darker than a white guy.

sorry for the bad spelling above.

just read something that said the homicide rate in america is 3x that of canada's, aggrivated assult was x bigger, and robbery rate is 65% higher.


my buddy who was born and raised canadian went down to the ststes to join the army.just graduated and goes iraq on feb 6.on his time back to canada he was ice fishing and a wolf came out of the trees
and he killed it with a 6 inch hunting knife.nobody believes me so i will tell you where to look at the pictures.first go to google search then type
angie geworsky and search will come up with a crap load but you want the ont that says something about angie and ricks flicker photos
i know its off topic but the wolf is huge. i think its second from the top on the first row

i just looked at it its on the second row of pictures when you are on the flicker site

i found the website but i cant find the pic. can u give me a link??

ot, how does ur friend feel being a canadian but fighting in the us army?

The biggest baddest gang in Canada is the Bomber brothers, you mess with us, we stomp your a$$..
We's tough and the babes can't get enough of us, mess with the Bombers and we'll make you pay.
Back to reality...our goverment has to step up anti gang laws in Canada, its getting out of controll.
Gangs and crininals hide behind our charter of rights and it has to stop, no rights for known gangmembers..

[url=] ... /94728982/[/url]

dont know much about computers but if you put this adress in the picture pops buddy loves bush dont know why but he does.

sorry bad link i will try again

[url=] ... e/94728982[/url]

thats a big @ss wolf!!!

id crap my pants.i guess i have to thank the us army for training my buddy jesse.if he wasnt trained by the army i dont think he would be here today.