Are the Zebras blind?

Just watching the Stampeders vs Riders game and the stripes totally missed a "locomotive crash" into the Stamps punter. Coach had to use his only challenge to get the call. Unbelievable miss. So apparent.

Not like Proulx to miss contact like that. It looked like he reached for his flag but then decided not to call it. No idea why. Or how.

He got it right that time.

For those who love pointing out ex Cats and potential hauntings Dyakowski was beaten like mule today

.....and to think, there are actually fans out there that think it was a terrible mistake to let Dyakowski go, as if he had ten years left to play or something.

O Line did not afford either quarterbacks any time. I don't understand the 34 front. Natural gaps when you only rush three and drop nine. The Riders certainly made a game of it.

Game is not over but this is easily the worst officiated game of the year. Not even Andre Proulx has been this bad. Missed illegal block on ticat #49 on argo regurn for td, missed no yards, hold which takes touchdown off the board, fantom no yards, the DPI call by the command centre and then mussed dpi on Banks. Complete joke.

Especially since that play on Banks was the exact same as the overturned call five minutes earlier. Total nonsense.

Had our chance but it is hard to best 2 teams!

As an Argo fan here, no question here you guys god jobbed by the refs as we had no business winning this game.

The shear incompetence of the officiating staff was beyond belief tonight!

Possibly a new low for Officiating. WTF Was that.

Usually the home team gets the edge in bad calls. Not in this game.

That my friend is CFL officiating. Pretty poor! Can't believe all the holding by Argos that was never called. The fix was in!

The new Commissioner of the CFL...
Had better do something, with this freak named Jake Ireland who WAS
working the Comand Centre for this game.
In 40 years I have never seen such a BS challenge being upheld...period.
And not just the crap from the Command Center...
These Ref's working this game...should be fired...period. bullshit.

Cue the apologies from the CFL in a couple of days - AGAIN!!


The level of incompetence was clearly demonstrated by the officials and the command centre. Time to eliminate the challenge of a non call on the field.

Painfully obvious what is going on here; The CFL wants OTT or Tor in the play-offs. Yes, conspiracy theory. I counted at least 5 calls that were blatantly called against Ham or in favour of the Argos;
1/ P/I on Washington. No coming back from that.
2/ Non-call PI call on Argo draped all over Banks, although Banks made the catch
3/ Out of bounds. Lawrence was last to touch ball and there were two refs looking right at the play and had a great vantage point
4/ No yards called on Cats with no Cat even close to 5 yards of ball
5/ No yards not called on Argo who was clearly within 5 yards of Cat who fielded ball cleanly

First two calls resulted in 14 points for Argos.

Second thought: Masoli and coach are inexperienced. I have seen a half dozen times in which we were second and three and instead of running the ball, we go deep. This is a pattern, Watch for it. No logic in it unless receiver is clearly open (Tasker was once but ball overthrown).

Building for next year unless Ottawa tanks!

Thank-you for your honesty and integrity ARgo T. Something the officiating crew knows nothing about . Ruins the game for everyone when calls are blatantly wrong. There is zero recourse for anyone. Optics are clear that the refs or the league can be held accountable for this. Unless one wants to pay for freedom to speak honestly.