Are the Ticats ready to take it from the Als

Being a fan of both teams, I'm really lucky this season to cheer for the two top teams in the league IMO.

Its a classic battle of youth vs experience. Both teams have managed to stay fairly healthy. I am really looking forward to this game. I think the Ticats will win this one and it will setup a fierce battle all the way to the last whistle of the Eastern final !

I'm tempted to grab a cheap flight... :smiley:

The Ticats seem to be a lot stronger at Ivor Wynne this year. Plus, we now have Bruce the TD machine.

I say Hamilton wins.

Hamilton has been money at Ivor Wynne. I'm guessing a hard-fought but decisive Ti-Cat win, something like 28-21.

I'm so dissappointed with this thread title. It should read: "Montreal looks beatable this week"


It will be Our Toughest Test at Home
This Season no one Wants to play The Ticats In Hamilton..
That a good Thing .. :thup:

This game will be will too close to call.

I think the Cats have a good shot, but let's hope if the Als are going to choke big, they save it for their usual November timeslot. :smiley:

Sorry, AC is head and shoulders above both Porter and Glenn. He’s having another banner year. Cobourne, Cahoon and company are hitting on all cylinders while the Cats are still idling. I have to say the Als by 10. And I hate the Als!! :cry:

An Argo-Cat fan

Hey now, to be fair we did almost beat them but Pavlovic had a HUGE drop in the endzone when the defender just touched him on the shoulder, and many many many other big dropsies. If we consistently catch the ball, this games history. IF we catch consistently, cat's by 7.

The biggest money player right now in the league is Arland Bruce. I don't think it is decided at all.

This is a game where again our defence will show the heart and soul of this team and allow our more mediocre offense to do just enough to possibly win this game, and our special teams have to be more solid that the Als as well to win. But a big intangible that we weren't counting on on offence is Bruce, he's bringing it as I thought he would and really getting into TiCat football and will make Porter and Glenn and everyone better, Bruce is an excellent receiver and I like his attitude. That being said, it's still mainly about our d though. But Bruce, oh yea :thup:

Don't hate me, but I've got to go with a narrow margin Alouette win on this one.

Hope I'm wrong!

We need to pound Calvillo if we can, problem is he releases the ball quicker than any qb I've seen lately, CFL or NFL, and has quick feet to avoid getting hit hard. Very difficult to get to him.

Were overdue to whack the Als and why not now. :x

I called this one a loss in the next 4 games thread. Als win won't be decided until the final 3 minutes