Are the Ticats not doing flyovers before the game anymore???

used to love the lancaster flying over, havnt heard it all season, did they stop doing the flyovers?

Tonight the plane flying overhead was the Consolidated PBY 5A Canso:

The Lancaster doesn’t fly at every game.

And THAT was a REAL low flyover... man.... I thought it was gonna take out the light

The plane was flying pretty low. Almost hit the lights.

Betcha it will do the fly-over for the labour day game. I think that is a tradition.

8) Yeah, you sure got that right !!! Thought he was gonna land on the field !! :wink:

I think I saw the pilot giving the Bombers the finger!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I'm kidding of course

The only fly overs are the long passes being completed by the opposing team. Too many, too often, too easy.

The CWH posts its flying schedule at, and includes TiCats flyovers.

The Lancaster is scheduled for the Labour Day game.

I really hope we get some nice jets too.
having those fly over before the game is the best pump up you can get.

the jets that do the flyovers here are awesome ... even when your not at the game my house is in the flightpath of the stadium flyovers and we usually see a good 4 or 5 fly by's as they wait till its time to do the flyover and then they always seem to go around for a high speed pass ... makes for quite the "little air show"

They had the stealth doing a flyover last year ..was kinda unnerving at first watching the stealth circle around over head for a half hour before i realized what it was there for not a site you see everyday glad i got video of it