Are the Ti-Cats playing to get Marshall fired?

I was at the game Friday night, and watching the Ti-cat bench, there sure seemed to be a lack of intensity or interest. I know they are 0-8 but other bad teams have shown some zip and try. Marshall seemed to be patrolling the sidelines barking at his players. Missed tackles on defense. Bad decisions on Special teams (Running a kick out to the 1 yard line?????) Dropped balls by receivers. After the first couple of series, all the life seemed to leave the Ti-cat team.

Do you Ti-cat fans think the team is playing to get Marshall fired?

Whats the feeling in Steel Town? Is my observation accurate or all wet?

marshall has to get fired doesn't he. i mean he won coach of the year last year and i thought part of that award was a ticket to the unemployment line

I say he's gone by the end of November.