Are the ti cats overrated?

i think they are overrated if anyone disagrees,feel free to post here 8) you won't mind when Big Dave asks the same question of your Bombers?..

Werent we talking about a while ago about the ti-Cats starting out slow since they have a lot of new personnel in the team?

I figured it may take 4 or 5 games for them to get into the groove... I'll let you know if they go 0-7....(Which I DON'T think they will)

I don't know if over rated would be the right term but I think expectations were higher than probably warranted given their last year's record and the number of new players on the team. That doesn't mean that they won't be able to turn it around and become a force down the stretch and into the playoffs. Look at what Calgary did last year.

No , the Ti-Cats arent overrated , but Bomber fans seem to be overrating their team after an ugly win against a team that didnt have Damon Allen in the lineup..

lets wait to judge winnipeg until after this weeks edmonton / bombers game....then we'll know if theyre any good.

so you think that the bombers are overrated when every analyst picks them to finish last in the east? do you get that kind of statement off what I wrote?.....I just asked a plain question, no implications were threaded between the words....sheesh....

seems the Bomber fans are just as sensitive as the Eskimo fans are....

a little early to be asking this question…however I think a lot of people thought the Cats would come out of the gate a little better what they have shown…its a long season so we will have to wait and see…

great advantage for the cats is that they scammed the riders

Why would they? They have lots of new players I do not think anyone thought they would start of strong. I anyone it was some of the Bomber fans! But really who doesn’t have those asperations.

Go Bombers Go!

well maybe so red just has to look at the Cats forum and you would think the season was over for them already.....

Well they just are not optimistic like the Bomber fans. A few wins will change that. They should be able to beat the Eskies actually everyone can beat them.

for once I must agree with you.....

I didn't think Hamilton was rated highly. Guess i thought wrong. I for one thought before the season even started they'd take awhile to come around, but will be a solid team come playoffs.

Maas handles the pressure well. Watch out for him when they make the playoffs.

i think most are right on this one. any team in this league, tho some would disagree with WPG, is very strong. Ti cats just had a few tough games out of the gate. Defence is also a lot easier to learn then offence. if u checked, our Offence hasnt geld as a unit either and we dont have all of our main strengths replaced like hamilton did. i think once the hamilton offence Gels, they will be a tough team, just like every other.

Give Hamilton 3 more games to gel before we can say that they were "overhyped". And I doubt it will even take that long for them to start playing as a team.

...Hamilton didn't do enough work with their defence in the off-season....which is definitely lagging behind their offence...could haunt them all year...all of the pundits who did the assessing of teams at the beginning of the year...totally ignored that fact...just my opinion.. :roll: