Are the S%^t winds blowing in sask

watching the game last night i drew a conclusion/ I will never go to the school that sheets went it seems they taught him to spell the word TEAM as teaME. Hes blattin his mouth about being the best back etc etc he doesnt get the ball and loses it on his OC and teammates. Good on george that after his tirade sheets didnt get his way and the next 3 plays were passes and his blocking was not of great effort. No im not a fan of cortez but im glad to see that no matter how good a player he has he wont let him call the plays.
You dont wanna see this kinda stuff with the most important time of the year fast approaching can you afford to have a guy like sheets in the doghouse right now prob not but can u win without him yes u can cuz theres 23 other guys out there that make the name TEAM

During that same game last night, Bill, the commentators also told of the time around training camp when George Cortez was asked how important it was for him and Durant to get on the same page. George answered that there is only one page and it is his.

Reminds me of the old sports adage, "players play and coaches coach".

These same TV people also remarked during the time of Sheets' immature and selfish tirade, that Cortez would address it during halftime. Perhaps, some of Cory's teammates would also reacquaint him with the word, "TEAM".

It's a big reason why Cory Boyd was cut by the Argos and he was the league's leading rusher at the time. He's still looking for a job.

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Having it out with a coach in his office is the smart way to do things. Showing him up on the sidelines gets you a one-way ticket to Moose Jaw.

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This guy (Sheets) is so wrapped up in his LITTLE competition with Cornish over being the rushing leader in the league that he lost the TRUE purpose of last night's game, and that is to get the win and achieve the first place bye.

This "Me first" player is in dire need of an intervention (or a benching) by his teammates and coaches to bring him and colossal ego back down to earth and regain the correct perspective.

If Sheets loses the rushing title then he has a legitimate excuse because he was injured for a few games.

As far as the outburst on Cortez, I don't think that Sheets was arguing to get the ball to add 4 or 5 yards to his total. I think the point he was trying to make to Cortez is that down there within the 5 yard line he could have easily punched it into the end zone. Instead Cortez opted for two pass plays which both failed. There might be something to that but ultimately Sheets came across as selfish and arrogant. I'm sure that Chamblin and Cortez will straighten him out. He needs to realize that he is not above the rest of the team.

Like Greg Marshall before him Cortez will be the designated scapegoat in failing to turn an average QB like Durant into the superstar lots of SSK fans want to believe he is.

Meanwhile the supposed HC, Chamblin gets a free pass.

That is an awesome image.

Durant is a solid QB and there are quite a few teams in the league that would be happy to have Durant as their starter right now. He's led SSK to a couple of Grey Cup appearances. Unfortunately for Marshall he came on board right when SSK needed a bit of a rebuild. Later on they acquired key players like Picard and Labatte and the Riders turned it around. With the current coaching staff and team the Riders future looks quite bright actually. They should be competitive for the foreseeable future.

Fine, then ask to speak with Cortez at halftime, or quietly on the sidelines. Instead, he tries to upstage and embarrass the OC in front of the entire stadium and country. Then, when George doesn’t give in to his ego and selfishness, he perches himself down on the bench to commence pouting like a 6 year old.

The coaching staff will likely pull him aside and read him the rules of team play. I would think it would be much effective if a bunch of the vets gave him a more real and colourful speech.

Not really.

Sheets was injured for 3 games (I think) so he has 1,598 yards in 14 games this season. 114 yards per game.
Cornish was injured for 1 game so he has 1,799 yards in 16 games this season. 112 yards per game.

There’s a pretty good chance that the rushing title would have come down to the last game of the year if both Cornish and Sheets were equally healthy/injured.

he still hasnt stopped whining read article this week about because of where he played his college ball he gets no respect so he has to carry around a big chip on his shoulders. Grey cup game and he feels hes still the only player on his team.

Cory Shiits! :lol:

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