Are the Riders team dirty?

Okay not funny! But wow did you see all the emotion on the field. I thought it was the Canucks vs the Oilers out there. I am sure there will be fines for both teams when all is done.

There could be a few fines.
But that was a pretty good tough physical game out there.
Hamilton is tough!!

Oh I see, when the Lions get tossed out protecting the QB they are dirty goons.

When the Riders do it, its a good tough physical game. What a bloody hypocrite you are.

That's all I have to say on this subject, I'm just gonna sit here and eat my popcorn and watch the carnage.

You don't think it was a good game? Tough? Physical?
I was responding to what 05 said, not commenting on the melee per se.

The vast majority of Rider fans posting seem to believe some Rider players will get fines, maybe even suspensions and believe that is appropriate.
Most, including myself have stated that the Riders involved lost their cool and their actions were inappropriate.
Considering that this melee, as I stated elsewhere, was a boyscout meeting compared to the one at Taylor Field......what was your point again?

I can see Wally, Rasouli, and Murphy smiling from ear to ear back in Vancouver. Who are the village idiots in the league now? Eraser head just wet his pants thinking about the way he fumed about the BC game and his team one ups the actions of the Leos. I think the one guy should take the roid needle out of his forhead before he comes out of the dressing room to celbrate a touchdown over the lowly cats. What a loser.

there is a big difference between this incident and the one in saskatchewan,
In sask, the incident came from a play involving a fumbled ball,
In hamilton, the incident was started when a db was trying to rip the ball out of our qbs hands way after the whistle, when no fumble had occured.
You are allowed to go after a loose ball, you are not allowed to manhandle a qb like that well after the whistle,

with that being said, it was pretty embarassing to see, fines are definately needed on both sides.

Ya you are right remember Deadwood dragging Burris after the whistle. But the Lions incident was more harsh. The piling on and all. Oops thats over an done with right. I find that the Tiger cats bring out the worst on a team.

i knew this point would be made, and that someone with brains would post this response.
someone post the definition of fumble for those who don't know

Double standard.

I agree, how could a coach own up to his own players stupidity...

Oh wait.

Last time I checked there was not a Rider kicking or punching a Ticat player, so quit trying to relate the two incidents.

Yes Murphy wasnt acting like a goon when he was standing over chick with his arm cocked ready to throw a punch

Looks like Austin has lost control of his team.

I can get why Esk players lose their discipline... Maciocia is too small to command respect from rough guys like Gass. But Austin and Buono can look downright intimidating, like they could bash some heads if their players aren't behaving. So its strange to me that unnecessary fights have involved Lion and Rider players this year....

otw to coach of the year & an impressive 10-5 record to date in his rookie debut.... He looks totally out of control....LMAO

No but his players do.

Ohhh god Lions fans

Your lovely Rob Murphy is out of control pretty much every week. This is silly 2 separate incidents 2 separate outcomes, biggest difference is that there was no MMA fights on the feild this weekend just people who don't know how to shut up getting kicked out of the game.

Looking forward to hearing Tillman's comments about this incident. Maybe Marcel Desjardins will get on Saskatchewan radio and go on and on about how dirty the Riders are.

Would only seem fitting.

He needs to do 2 things before he can do that:

  1. Find anything that shows we are dirty

  2. Give us another steal he calls a trade

Aside from the obvious differences, no fumble on the play, no player being held down by two other players while a third kicks and punches him, and generally just a less significant amount of violence compared to the Taylor Field fracus, the biggest difference between the two seems to be that of the fans.

I well remember being told that if it were Rider players involved we wouldn't be so quick to call for fines and suspensions , etc. That we'd back our players for their actions.
Yet here we have it.
No Rider player did anything nearly as out of control as Rasouli, or even Murphy--provide the video if you believe that isn't true--and yet almost universally Rider fans are saying, fine them, maybe even suspend them. Most Rider fans have stated the actions of Abou were over the line and unacceptable. I never even saw what Jones did, but I assume he did something. And of course tossing the helmet should be dealt with.

Yet some Lion fans not only defended the actions of their players, claiming they did nothing wrong, but made those Lion players into some kind of hero, even saying that they weren't violent enough.

I think the reaction of the fans--some at least--is far more telling than what occurred on the field....