Are the Riders in a recession?

My answer to this question is a definite YES. This is just my opinion but I think this is what could be best for the team. Berry must go, and Miller should take the sideline as OC for the rest of the season to pick up DD and the rest of the offence. I would look for a guy like Danny McManus to be a quarterback coach. He's a savvy guy with a cool head and lots of knowledge of the game and the quarterback position. I also think he has proven leadership qualities. DOES HE WANT TO COACH? If he does, let's look at bringing him or someone like him in, and see if he or whoever it becomes can evolve into an OC for next season. In the meantime the rest of the coaches and players not performing need to be on notice that their jobs are on the line for next season. Get the injured guys back, get Fantuz back, find a consistent pass rush, and regroup and make the best of the remaining season. It's been a bad year for reasons both good and bad. Let's try and salvage something for the sake of the fans and the organization. GO RIDERS!!

Yep, things aren't looking good. I was in a Co-op in S'toon the other day and I actually saw about 6 items in that store that didn't have the Rider logo on them. The fall from grace is becomming more evident right before our eyes, as I didn't think there were 6 things invented in this world that Hopson didn't put the Rider logo on. Actually 7 if you count a Pro calibre football team.

I rolled on the floor at that one! :smiley:
I can just see it...The GMC Sierra Riders Edition vs. the Ford F250 Gang Green Special! Who wins the tug-of war?

Or Hopson talking to Reebok, trying to convince them to put Riders logos on the BC Cheerleader uniforms!

Hey, its been a long season, and we all look for laughs where we can find them! :roll: