Are the Riders good enough?

Based on the last game, it's easy to say NO!! So are they good enough talent-wise and are they hungry enough to make the playoffs, even if the talent is somewhat lacking in places? I figure that the next 3 games against Calgary, Edmonton, and BC will tell the tale for this season. If they lose any, some, or all of these games, it's probably over for this season. If they miss the playoffs, they will likely be picking number 1 or number 2 in next year's Canadian College Draft, if anyone even cares at this point. So then the next step would be to assess the talent level on the field for entering the next season. Maybe this assessment shouldn't end there as maybe the coaching and management would also need to be upgraded. What say you all?

No, the Riders are not good enough. Please see my post in "The Sky Is Not Falling" thread.

Get rid of Taman so we don't spend a THIRD STRAIGHT off season NOT getting a rush end.

Ya but Chic and Baggs are coming back, right??? Oh wait........ :wink:

In fairness he thought he had one in Hawkins.

Hawkins had 3 sacks last year, 2 in Week 2 against Casey Printers. He's an athletic specimen, a thoroughbred with a lot of upside. He played like a rookie last year. He showed poor contain skills. He needs some experience. He could be really great.

Having said that, there are 16 starting ends in this league. From what we've seen from Hawkins he is not in the top 10, at least not yet. Could he be? Maybe. I like his chances (so long as the injury doesn't set him back), but if I'm the GM, I'm not going into the season with 1 guy MAYBE being a top 10 rush end. Not when your goal is your 3rd straight west title and win a Grey Cup. And certainly not going into the season with no one to back up that guy if he gets hurt.

This team was completely unprepared to field a competent defense for the season. I saw it coming a thousand miles away. The off season was a disaster.

And the secondary is another complete mess on Taman's hands. But that's another topic.

the Riders need to find someone who they KNOW is a good rush end.. and then, sign him to a 4yr deal.

I don't want to have another Chick issue where just as he does his best, he's gone.

I want to keep him.

honestly, what would it hurt. If he doesn't cut it, cut him.

When was the last time Perry played? 2 yrs ago in Edmonchuk? He's retired, no?

I don't see the Riders doing it this year. The 1-7 start is just too big to overcome. Our only hope is a east cross-over, and Hamilton really has to tank it, which I don't see happening. Wish Tillman would come back.

I blame Tillman not Taman for this season (I know alot of people will jump down my throat as they figure Tillman is God). Tillman saw how the secondary was aging, but was not forward focused enough to find good defensive backs that could fill in for Davis, Morgan, etc. Instead he was too busy getting himself into some legal trouble.

Tillman left the defense in great shape. It's spiraled out of control since Taman took full reins.

You can say what you want about chia head, but he's darn good at GMing.

ya it was not Tillman's fault. I'm pretty sure that if Tillman had been able to stay, that he would have made the right moves.