Are the riders going downhill because of injuries

we could be in trouble here rider fans. depending on the length of some of these injuries we might be in to deep. jeremy oday, dominguez, kieth, nate davis. those are all huge names that contribute alot to this football team. tell me what ya think.

Don't get me wrong - I love my Riders - but I hear a lot of talk about the depth the Riders have this year. I'm thinking, since many people have been talking up the depth-thing, that we should be just fine. It might take a couple games for them to gel - and I hope that Oday, of all people, is back soon (love that guy) - but they'll get there.

…geez h-boy, you remind me of an old arab saying that goes: ’ I thought I had it tough because I had no shoes, until I met a man that had no feet’…sure your D was a little porous in the latter part of the fourth quarter but the Argos were playing amazingly well, I wouldn’t be too hard on your crew…think about how much stronger your club will be once those players return…

Riders will be fine. They’ve got Hamilton and Calgary comeing up and they are both very beatable, even with a depleted line-up. That should give them some time to heal up.

SM do not take those teams lightly they just might come up and bite you. You should be concerned with these injuries. I just hope they are back when they play Calgary.

Looks like for the most part most of our guys will be out for 2-3 weeks at least with Nate Davis being the exception, he'll be back for the next game against Hamilton.

For Jeremy Oday it is alright, Lazeo will do a fine job and maybe better, just as long as no one pisses him off because he has a short fuse. With Mcalla out, our defence is just like it was all season last year, Holmes is doing a great job, but if kenton was running some of those runs, he woulda been in the endzone. Dominguez hurts big time, but Travis Moore is almost just as good. I think we're alright! :lol:

Matt Dominguez has a torn ACL. He's out for a while.. probably till the end of the season or 2 or 3 weeks before.

Matt Dominguez has a torn ACL. He's out for a while.. probably till the end of the season or 2 or 3 weeks before.[/quotYes, usually that is a season ending injury.

Anyone hear the status for Karsten Bailey?

I don't know how reliable this is, but I've heard rumours that he might just have an ankle sprain. If that's the case, he'll likely be out this week, but could return next week vs. Calgary. Of course, this is just rumour. . .


no injuries are not the problem playing four quarters of football is.
i watched them fall apart two weeks in a row in the fourth quarter
in hamilton and toronto. if they play four quarters they will be fine! :oops:

I almost think were a better team with some of the injuries, I believe that Santino Hall should have got the start over Mcalla anyway as he’s by far the superior player. Plus do u really want to replace a guy who’s averaging over a 100yrds per game in Corey Holmes. The last two points im gonna make are that we’ll miss Dominguez because he’s the only deep threat it seemed like Greene would through too but who better to replace him than a 5 time league allstar that will go out a catch balls till he’s dead. Oh and Karsten Bailey, Greene nevers throws to him anyway so its not like will miss him at all