Are the Riders due for a new theme song?

It's been, what, 2-and-a-half decades since "Rider Pride" was released? It's got that nostalgic late-80s/early-90s feel to it, but it's lost it's punch. Similarly "On Roughriders" conjures memories of early 60s fight songs, but is nearly ineffectual at stirring emotion. And "Green is the Colour" is all well and good, but it's not a Rider-specific song (it's the Chelsea FC theme, among others). I'd like the Riders to have a rousing anthem similar to the Boston Red Sox's "Tessie" (an old Broadway tune that was recently covered to great success by the Dropkick Murphys - they now play it in the stadium after every Red Sox win).

I'm a singer/songwriter and this is my contribution to Rider Anthems: .

I'm not saying that it's THE anthem (it's more of an Irish drinking song, really) but it's an original contribution, regardless. What I think we need to STOP doing is changing the lyrics of classic rock songs so that they're about the Riders. In my opinion, that is simply taking two awesome things and combining them into one shoddy thing.

At any rate, let me know what you think. And feel free to contribute your own anthems!
PS - Grey Cup 2010, here we come, baby!

That's not a bad stab at it. Good for you for trying something new. Maybe I'll dust off the Sonar DAW and see what I can do but it could be a long time with work and kids around ... :slight_smile:

Like it...
I also disagree with you on your comment on taking other songs and making them about the Riders. I kinda am enjoying it this week on radio stations.

Great song - we can never have to many songs about the Riders....
....I think there's bee a couple songs since "Rider Pride". Didn't some of the players make a song in the 90's?
And what about this?

A song with the title "Here we go Again..."

My little cousin thought that "Riot" by Three Days Grace said "Let's go Riders" instead of "let's go riot."

LOL...pretty cute actually, but I think it was because the 1st time he heard it was on the way home from a game.

oh…sorry, the actual line is “Let’s start a riot”

Not bad. Once you write one that catches on, you’ll be immortalized.

Isn't there a new Rider theme song every year?

yea the next season's theme song will the Who's "Won't get fooled Again!"

I nominate Trooper's "Round, Round We Go"....

G is for Grey Cup, it's good enough for me! oh G is for Grey Cup, it's good enough for me!

Grey Cup,Grey Cup,Grey Cup,Grey Cup, is for me!!

Although not a Rider song, Tina Turners' song "You're Simply the Best" which became connected to the John Gregory 1989 Rider champions was, in MHO, the most inspirational song that I can recollect about any Rider team. It has the same connotation for me, as the adhesive tape "rings" which the players wore that year as symbolic of the GC rings they planned on getting!
I loved that line "You're simply the best, better than all the rest" and I always will.

Today's Episode is brought to you by the number 3! and the Letter M

Isn't there a song by Foghat called Third Time Lucky? :lol:

Yes there is, and it's a good one:; harder version: (although the album version is way better than both of these). :lol:

... and I sure hope it applies to the Riders next year :slight_smile:

God i hated 1990 when they came onto to the field with that song on. I was embarrassed. 9-9 team that squeaked it out, and I am sorry, but that just ain't a football song. Personally, I just found it all too cheesy.