Are the Riders a lock to get to the Cup?

Not only do I feel they get there, barring any major injuries, I think they win it all.

will not make the cup

No one is ever a lock. 9-9 teams have won it before many times. Lets all bow our heads and pray they do win the GC this year. Amen!


No team is ever a true lock to win the cup - until the actual grey cup all bets are off as any team getting hot for 1 game can go all they way. Remember the Riders 89 cup win - they where a mediocre team that got hot at the right time and took out a team that was considered a lock.

I hope they do get a chance to play 2 home playoff games this year though :cowboy:

Nobody is ever a "lock" to win it (unless maybe you're the '82 Eskimos looking for a five-peat), but they're definitely a leading contender, even a favourite if there has to be one. What other two teams would be picked above them at this point in the season?

What's with all these "dads" on here???

Absolutely, plan the parade.

The Riders have been getting the breaks, it's bound to continue all year. Sure, Montreal forgot to play to the final whistle a couple of games ago, no reason to think that won't keep happening and yeah we got a bit of help from a sudden case of myopic officials last week, that's bound to continue right up to Nov. 24. Yeah teams that start early tend to not finish well in the CFL but what's history in the long run.

August is always a good time award the Cup.

I don't think there is a Rider fan here who believes that they are a lock to win the Cup... I certainly don't think there is a "fix" in to have the Riders play at home for the chance to win... just like any other team , they have to earn their right to be there... of course, I'm hoping they make it, and believe that they can, but there is a lot of football to be played yet, and some big games... I'm looking foward to the second half of the season.


If only the thread had been started as an online poll - we'd have an almost unanimous "Yes!" :wink:

I agree with the masses, nobody is ever a lock to win the cup, especially this early in the season. Having said that, the Bombers are a lock not to win the cup :wink:

only complete fools think like that.

if you honestly believe that there's no chance that anyone will stop them then you're a fool.

ANYTHING is possible. as much as I'd love to see the Riders in their Grey Cup, nothing is a given.. especially with the Riders.

No, that's just too easy. :lol: :cowboy:

This pretty much sums it up. You just never know with the Riders!

Sometimes they are a mediocre team that upsets a 16-2 in the playoffs, sometimes they have too many men on the field to give back a Grey Cup win!

Even if they were a lock to get to the Cup(which they aren't).They would probably lose the game anyway,the Riders have the worst won/lose ratio of any team in Grey Cup History,3 wins and 15 defeats in the Championship. Saskatchewan has had a football team going back to 1910......103 years worth of football and only 3 years declared Champion.The Riders might very well make it all the way to the 2013 Grey Cup............but winning it???????......with their track record :oops:
I personally wouldn't bet on it !!!!! :slight_smile:

Imagine the Fandemonium in Sask if they do get to the GC in their home town. I would love to see it. (Just this once though.)

Would much rather see Edmonton somehow get to the crossover and meet Calgary in Regina on Nov. 24. Now that would be great to see! :cowboy:

like any other season. that was pre-chamblin Riders.

1960 Bombers

1989 Esks

2012 Lions (even the team that knocked off the Lions got knocked off)

No one is ever a lock. Not in the CFL.