are the Renegades DOOMED in ottawa

on the fan590, Bob Mcgowan is reporting the ottawa senators owner is claiming....the sens will not break even unless they make it to the 3rd round of the playoffs....they do NOT sell-out every nite....

this is 16-17K seats in a Hockey country....

how can the renegades expect to ever sell 29K for football?????...maybe ottawa just IS NOT a sports town?

Hopefuly Ottawa is a sports town, how can we think about going East, when we can't support the Capital.
The team the Sens have , they have the best chance of all teams, to make it deep in the playoffs.
The Gades can turn the ship around, winning does bad they lost there best back..

this is what i mean, tho....even with the sens being the best team in the league, they STILL dont sell out...and its not selling out 28 000....its tryin to sell out 17 000

if they cant sell 17 000 for the hottest HOCKEY team, how can they ever sell 28 000 for football?....

Because your only asking the public for 9 home games, at somewhat of a savings in seats..
I get your point...I hope your wrong..only time will tell.

Where are you getting your numbers from?

The Sens are AVERAGING 19,500 this year. They are 5th in the league in attendance. They’ve had 20 sellouts. Their attenance is higher than Toronto’s, Vancouvers, Calgarys, and Edmontons.

The NHL is a diffrent league compaired to the CFL. Their dolleges are set to the American currency, while the CFL is set to the Canadian one. The Sens in trouble has lot more to do with Bettmen's plan to kill the Canadian teams than fan support in Ottawa.

The Gades really need to do something to make it work, and that something is to put togerther a great team and win the Grey Cup, then the fans will come.

isnt it strange that they are averaging 19 500...when capacity is only 19 150?!?!?!?!

anyways...that doesnt change the point i was making...if ottawa cant sell-out 19 000 ( which fan590 says they arent sellin out everynite ) for hockey, then can they ever sell 28 000 consistanly for football?

Check it out:

Seating capacity is low 19k but from what I understand they can sell extra seats in the Corporate boxes so it goes slightly higher, for the 19.5.

If the Gades put anything remotely resembling a competitive football team for one solid year (they havent done this in Ottawa in 25 years) the fans will come there too.

We all appear to agree how this year is the crucial make it or break it year. With last year numbers averaging 17,000(on the books but I have doubts), one would think that anything less then 20,000 average would be deemed a failure. Resulting in the move to QC.

the rens are going to be in big trouble next season unless they make a big
splash in the free agent market.they are going in to next season with the same team exept they lost there allstar back.they were not that good last year and they are not going to be good this year.the people of ottawa
want a winner and i dont think signing a few players to five year deals will
get them to the gc.

The reason attendance is above the stated capacity is because this year they began seling standing room only tickets around the top ring of the 300 level. 19,150 seats plus 350 standing is 19,500!!!!

Yes quite alot of NHL teams sell "standing room" tickets!

The issue with the sens is not fan support it can't get much better.Last saturday they had 20,000.Ottawa is a sports town its teams have to be a winner like any city.

like any city?....not in hamilton.

geez if they could only make the playoffs one of these years then maybe they could turn the corner.......

there team is not going to be good enough to make playoffs.they keep offering big contracts to good players but they have not made any big changes.they lost ranek and need to get a good back.they have to make a splash in the free agent market.i dont think they will

let us judge the gades during , and after, the free agent period....then we'll know if they are done like dinner, or a threat for 3rd in the east.

but i wonder....all these long term contracts have been 'agreed upon in principal' with players..NOT SIGNED or made OFFICIAL....i wonder how many players said 'this is good, BUT i want to see u sign other players and FA's before i sign'????

and the gades havent signed anyone, so maybe all these 'agreed in principal' deals wont fo through???

the reason i say this, is hudson signed a 'deal in principal', and now is sayin he might not sign, he'll wait and see.....

hmmmmmmmmm well last was a difficult season for the Gades fer hopefully with some offseason ticket drives some promotions........thinks will be is only 9 home games as opposed to 40 in hopefully you can get out the crowds..............but 25 of years of sucking does kinda dry up you surport.........except in Saskatchewan of course because we are a bunch of masochist...........if there was no cross over.............Ottawa fans would have been treated to 2 or 3 playoffs games???? either way more exposure for the team.............

......conitinuation of my previous post.....

Negotiations with veteran C George Hudson are currently at a standstill after the Renegades star originally appeared poised to sign a long-term deal. "I just need some more time think," Hudson, who is eligible to become a free agent Feb. 16, said last night. "I don't know what I'm going to do."

If somehow the Gades could resign Ranek even though supposedly he turned down the teams last offer of $135,000. But, it still could be a negotiating ploy on both sides. It does not appear though how too many FA would go into Otawa with still the perception of a three ring circus scenario. We all hope for more then the usual share of luck for the team and fans........ as cleary it appears time is running out.