Are the refs in the game...

Seriously, I hate to blame the refs, but this game stinks. Look at the 2nd down pass Brady threw to Watkins in the second quarter. The Edmonton defensive back made contact with Watkins (he tackled him from behind)a good 2 seconds before the ball was thrown. No flag...

When Claybrooks sacked Ricky Gay, an Edmonton player CAUGHT HIM BY THE FACEMASK for a few seconds as he was running towards Ray. No flag...

I guess that Hugh Campbell must be walking along the sidelines tonight to intimidate the refs (good ole Hugh has done this in the past. He just walks along the sidelines and he lets everyone know he is there. Some in the CFL have even complained about this...).

I forgot to mention; our fellow Als fan Ro1313 is excellent at capturing images and videos. If Ro can get these images and post them, I would be grateful. If somehow, the videos prove me wrong (I also have an HD PVR, but I get very emotional during the game…) I will admit I saw wrong. But, I would like to see those plays again…

yeah refs don't seem to be on our side that's for sure but the Als are not in the game so it's not like if it changes anything.

It does not matter if it changes things or not. The refs have to perform. No if ands or buts. The refs are awful (even more so in this game). Don't forget that the refs call's can inspire or depress a team...
So, the refs have to be spot on.

In this game, they were not. Especially lazarus, Fire his useless ass!

I don't know what to write...Everyone was brutal tonight . They were so bad on defense that I can't come up with something logical to say. They should have all went home instead of practicing for the week.

Edmonton is playing desperate football and it showed but to be out of the game this way is really shocking. Let's hope they get Revenge next week....

Stop crying and grow up......The Als lost becasue they did not feel like playing

You back from vacation RO ? :lol:

I'm with you. I don't think you can blame Pop or Chris Jones for what we saw last night. They got outworked. You see that a lot after labour day...most teams end up playing 500 football and Edmonton is desperate and they played like it.

Only 1 missed call/bad call I saw last night was in the last seconds of the 3rd quarter.
Roughing the kicker should have been called against Edm.
Not that it would have made any difference in the outcome of the game

True dat. We got outplayed in every phase of the game. It happens.

This D is still a young bunch, especially in the secondary. We're still finding our way and occasionally we're going to have games like this. Edmonton was desperate to win this game in their yard. I had a feeling they would win. I had no idea we'd lose like this, but such is life.

The Als lost because they stunk up the place.

But, there was 2 clear procedure calls missed by the refs, on their 2nd possession of the game, including the touchdown play. But that's still not enough to change the outcome of the game.