Are the Lions satisfied with their safety position?

JR LaRose starting ?
Who will be his back up.
Could they shift the ratio to put an import there?
Will they attack the waiver wire?
is their any Canadian DBs worth signing on the waiver?
seems like a lot of ????? at safety

It is interesting that they don't have anyone else on the roster specifically designated as "S". McGarva was moved to the practice roster and probably isn't ready to start. Davis, the other man listed on the depth chart at S was cut. So, that leaves Arakgi as the only NI that has experience at safety but is listed at LB. I expect they'll make some moves over the next week or so to get another NI or two in the DB ranks somewhere as injury issues could create some ratio problems unless they start an extra NI, which they could do on the offensive side in one the receiver spots or like the last exhibition game play Arakgi or another NI at LB and go with an import at safety.

They are walking a fine line with the ratio. They could start 3 Canadian Receivers Gore is a top receiver regardless of Import or NI and Foster and Ianuzzi are certainly solid receivers to go along with say Taylor and Manny A.
An issue would then be a Canadian RB backed up by an import.
Aside from Safety they also only have on Canadian Dlineman on the roster

They seemed to manage OK last year with Tim Brown subbing in at RB and adding a NI receiver to those packages and they have Stu Foord in case of injury to Harris.

They have 49 Steven Doege at DE from the junior ranks on the roster. Albeit, as a rookie he is more likely to see ST time rather than be a regular rotation on the D-line.

My bad I missed Doege's name when I looked on the roster. I was wondering what happen to him :oops:

A quiet but nice signing today from the Lions in signing the realeased Keyna Parker rookie from Montreal. no room for him in Montreal with #3 pick starting at safety and veterans behind him to add support.
Being from Vancouver area and playing DI ball at nearby OSU where he was a special teams standout he is a perfect Canadian DB for the Lions to sign and place on the practice roster and Bring him along at Safety.
Being a top special teams player in the Pac 12 does not hurt either playing at that High Level of competition in University can make a big difference especially for a player that is shooting for a career in the CFL and even better Canadian and from the area is always a good thing.
Keep an eye on this kid as Safety is the one spot that is a question mark

1 - LaRose is better than Cauchy.

2 - Free safety is the easiest position to fill on defense.

Lions will be fine.

  1. Could be - I always thought he did a good job; if it wasn't for some serious injuries Muamba may have never gotten the chance here.
  2. It can be filled, but you still need someone on the roster as a backup, which isn't clear at the moment; and the ratio complications if LaRose goes down.

I don't know if I would say that it is the easiest. The misconception that it is easy comes from the idea that it is usually a position held by a Canadian and that HB/CB are usually better players that are imports.
However you do see quite a few imports who can come in and be a top HB/CB but only those imports who play safety are usually seasoned CFL vets. It takes more time for imports to learn that position do to the extra receiver

So the Lions move both McGarva and Parker into the defensive backfield and onto the 46-man for the 1st game along with some other injury/practice moves to meet the roster and ratio requirements.

Also placed Angus Reid on the shelf for 9 games. holding him out for the first half and if he can play should be the second half of the season. QB Hart is also 9 gamed meaning that yes they need Joey Elliot and Demarco is not quite ready yet.
Solomon E also on the one game IR for game one. Either he is a little banged up or there still not comfortable with how they are going to fit him in on defense.

I'm satisified with LAROSE at safety as he is a SUPER UPGRADE over the incumbent CHANCY MUAMBA- What the Lions saw in this MUAMBA guy I will never know- He is by far the worst safety in the CFL i have seen in the last 10 years- He was not good at any part of football--
Hell the Lions would be better off with Aunt JEMIMA than MUAMBA.