Are the Lions capable of beating the opposition?

What do you guys think? I think they are! And I think they will win their fair share of games. Will they make the playoffs this season? It depends on how the other teams do. The Lions losing some of those close games of late when they should have won did not help their chances. But we have not seen the Lions blown off the field. I've not seen a game where the Lions stunk the place out like the playoff game against Montreal last year. Maybe we will. I hope not.

I don't know if the Lions are being outsmarted by the opposition or if their calibre of play is just not quite good enough to afford the luxury of penalties. They certainly cannot afford to take the stupid penalties they are taking. The guy who got called for objectionable conduct [unsportsmanlike conduct] should have been crucified. Can't remember who it was but I would have zero tolerance for that stupidity. And the procedure calls are ridiculous along with the Lions getting called for being off-side. The players that are repeatedly doing that should be hung out to dry at this point in the season.

Play with intensity but don't play stupid. What do you guys think when everything is considered? Look at how close the games have been. Look at the way they've lost the games and tell me whether or not you think the Lions are capable of beating the opposition.

if we stop beating ourselves.......maybe.

Fact is our Offense is sadly unable to sustain any drives or regular threats and will not be able to win us any games....

maybe if jackass is ready to take over from Lulay. he certainly loosened up the c defense with his smooth bombs which opened things up for the offense seemingly big time. they are gonna kick the doors open next week. bombs away - remember 1.5 trillion chinese don't give a darn.
Lookout stubblejumpers here we come.